Interzone (film)

Interzone is a 1987 Italian-American[1] sci-fi/action film produced by Joe D'Amato and directed by Deran Sarafian, with original music composed by Stefano Mainetti, starring Bruce Abbott, Beatrice Ring, and Teagan Clive.Producer Joe D'Amato said "I produced (it) along with some American associates....It was directed by young David Sarafian, the famous director Richard Sarafian's son, already author of films like 'Alien Predator' and 'To Die For', as well as (acting) in Fulci's 'Zombi 3.'"[2]

Directed byDeran Sarafian
Produced byJoe D'Amato
Written byRossella Drudi, James L. Edwards
Screenplay byClaudio Fragasso, Deran Sarafian
StarringBruce Abbott, Beatrice Ring, Teagan Clive
Music byStefano Mainetti
CinematographyGianlorenzo Battaglia
Edited byKathleen Stratton
Distributed byStar Classics Video, Trans World Entertainment
Release date
1987 (Bracciano, Rome, Italy)
Running time
UK: 88 min
USA: 97 min


A supernaturally gifted monk, "Panasonic" (Kiro Wehara), is sent on a mission by his dying master, "General Electric," to protect the Interzone, the last fertile region left on a post-apocalyptic Earth, against an invading gang of wasteland raiders.

Along the way, Panasonic is helped by Swan (Bruce Abbott), a roguish road warrior who seeks a rumored treasure hidden within the Interzone, and Tera (Beatrice Ring), an attractive slave girl, who Swan falls in love with. The raiders meanwhile are led by Mantis (Teagan Clive), a female bodybuilder dominatrix and her sadistic partner Balzakan (John Armstead).

After the defeat of the raiders, Swan locates the treasure which is revealed to be a fallout shelter turned archive of some of mankind's greatest achievements. Within are various items such as books, sculptures and paintings, along with a Panasonic-brand videocassette recorder that plays a final message from those who preserved the artifacts before the apocalypse.



Actor Role
Bruce AbbottSwan
Beatrice RingTara
Teagan CliveMantis
John ArmsteadBalzakan
Kiro WeharaPanasonic
Alain SmithDwarf
Franco DiogeneRat
Laura GemserPanasonic's Brother's wife (uncredited)


It was produced by Filmirage and shot in Bracciano, 30 kilometres (19 mi) northwest of Rome, and is set in a "Mad Max" type of future.[3]


Interzone was distributed on home video by EV in the United Kingdom in December 1989.[4]


The film is plagued by a shoe-string budget, amateurish filming, editing, audio dubbing, acting and dialog. [5] This Mad Max imitationfilm received one out of five stars in Creature Feature. [6] Outpost Zeta was kinder to the movie, finding that the humor in the film made it worth the effort to watch. [7]


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