Interstate 88 (Illinois)

Interstate 88 (I-88) is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Illinois that runs from an interchange with I-80 near Silvis and Moline to an interchange with I-290 and I-294 in Hillside, near Chicago. I-88 is 140.60 miles (226.27 km) long. This route is not contiguous with I-88 in New York. Since 2010, all of I-88 has been part of the Chicago–Kansas City Expressway. The highway also runs through the cities of Aurora, Naperville, DeKalb, and Dixon. East of Rock Falls, the route is a part of the Illinois Tollway system.

Interstate 88
Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway/Tollway
I-88 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by IDOT and ISTHA
Length140.60 mi[1] (226.27 km)
ExistedJuly 1987[2]–present
Major junctions
West end
I-80 / IL 5 / IL 92 / IL 110 (CKC) in East Moline
East end
I-290 / I-294 / IL 110 (CKC) in Hillside
CountiesRock Island, Whiteside, Lee, Ogle, DeKalb, Kane, DuPage, Cook
Highway system
IL 84IL 89


Prior to its designation as an Interstate Highway, the route was known as Illinois Route 5 (IL 5), and before that, IL 190.

The reason for I-88's original designation and continued existence as an Interstate has to do with a technicality in the old National Maximum Speed Law (NMSL). Originally passed in 1973, the NMSL was amended in 1987 to permit 65-mile-per-hour (105 km/h) speed limits on rural stretches of Interstate Highways only. Even though IL 5 was fully up to Interstate Highway standards, it still had to carry a 55-mile-per-hour (89 km/h) limit because of this wording in NMSL. The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA) petitioned the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) to re-designate IL 5 as an Interstate, and in 1987, AASHTO approved the request and assigned the I-88 numbering to the highway.[2] The NMSL would be completely repealed only eight years later in 1995, but the I-88 shields remain to this day, even though Chicago–Kansas City Expressway (IL 110) markers are being posted throughout the entire length of I-88, since it is now part of the Chicago to Kansas City Expressway project, bannered with special "CKC" logos.

Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway

The Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway, originally known as the East-West Tollway, is a toll road in northern Illinois.

Opened November 21, 1958, it was initially designated as U.S. Route 30 Toll (US 30 Toll), and later IL 190. The original routing extended from the I-294 interchange near Hillside to IL 47 near Sugar Grove. IL 56 was overlapped on the East-West Tollway between North Aurora and Sugar Grove in 1965.

When the East-West Tollway was extended to Dixon in the 1970s, the IL 190 numbering was removed from the stretch between Aurora and Sugar Grove, making that section strictly IL 56. Once complete, the new routing of the combined tollway and freeway between I-80 near the Quad Cities and I-294 became designated as IL 5. In the late 1980s, it was renumbered I-88.

Officially, the tollway portion begins in Rock Falls, starting at the intersection with US 30 at mile marker 44, although the first toll plaza does not appear until after the IL 26 interchange in Dixon, making the section between US 30 and IL 26 technically a freeway. It continues as a tollway until its terminus in Hillside, although there is a free section between exit 76 (IL 251) and exit 78 (I-39). West of US 30 to I-80, I-88 is a freeway. The tollway portion is 96 miles (154 km) long.

After the death of Illinois native and former President Ronald Reagan in 2004, the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISHTA) voted to rename the toll roadway "Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway" in his memory, as it passes near his birthplace of Tampico and grazes the south outskirts of his boyhood hometown of Dixon. The tollway portion of I-88 was previously known as the "East–West Tollway" and is still displayed as such on some signs near Chicago.

There is no direct off-ramp access to US 52, IL 23, IL 25, and IL 83 (northbound). In addition, I-88 merges with IL 56 for a short distance.

Although a federal law, 23 U.S.C. § 111, prohibits the operation of commercial rest areas constructed after January 1, 1960, on Interstate Highways, the DeKalb oasis was constructed at milepost 93 in 1975, prior to the route's designation as I-88 and remains in operation.

From 2005 lasting through 2012, ISTHA reconstructed and widened much of the original portion of I-88, between York Road and IL 56. Approximately $991.6 million was budgeted for I-88 over that period.[3] Between 2005 and 2009, I-88 was reconstructed and widened to four lanes in each direction between IL 59 and York Road, with work progressing gradually from west to east. The project included a reconstruction and reconfiguration of the Naperville Road interchange.[4] Between IL 56 and the Aurora Toll Plaza, I-88 was reconstructed and widened to three lanes, including the reconstruction of the IL 31 interchange and new bridges over the Fox River.[5][6]

A $36 million interchange at Eola Road in Aurora opened on November 20, 2009, after approximately 10 years of planning and less than one year of actual construction.[7] Toll booths at this ramp accept only I-PASS, and have no provisions for accepting cash payments.[8][9]

Exit list

Rock IslandEast Moline0.000.00 IL 5 west / IL 92 west Moline, Rock IslandContinuation beyond western terminus; western end of IL 92 concurrency
I-80 / IL 110 (CKC) south to I-74 Des Moines, Peoria
Signed as exits 1A (east) and 1B (west); western end of IL 110 concurrency; I-80 exit 4B
0.751.211COld IL 2
Joslin5.699.166 IL 92 east JoslinEastern end of IL 92 concurrency
Hillsdale10.2616.5110Hillsdale, Port Byron
WhitesideErie18.4429.6818Erie, AlbanyTo IL 84
Lyndon25.7041.3626 IL 78 Morrison, ProphetstownFormer IL 2
Rock Falls36.1658.1936 US 30 west Clinton, Rock Falls, Sterling
41.1166.1641 IL 40 Rock Falls, Sterling
43.9870.7844 US 30 Joliet, Rock Falls
Lee54.1287.10Eastern end of Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway
Western end of Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway
Dixon54 IL 26 Dixon
56.1590.36Dixon Toll Plaza 69
OgleRochelle75.87122.1076 IL 251 Rochelle, Mendota
78.33126.0678 I-39 / US 51 Rockford, Bloomington, NormalSigned as exits 78A (south) and 78B (north); I-39 exit 97
DeKalbDeKalb86.25138.81DeKalb Toll Plaza 66
91.12146.6491 Annie Glidden Road to IL 23 / IL 38 / Lincoln Highway DeKalb, Cortland, Creston, Malta
93.25150.07DeKalb Oasis
93.73150.8494 Peace Road to IL 38 / Lincoln Highway DeKalb, Cortland, Creston, Malta
KaneSugar Grove108.97175.37109 IL 47I-PASS only on westbound exit and eastbound entrance ramps
Aurora113.00181.86113 IL 56 west to US 30 / IL 47 Sugar GroveWestern end of IL 56 concurrency; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
114.06183.56114Orchard RoadWas exit 115
North Aurora116.52187.52117 IL 31 / IL 56 eastEastern end of IL 56 concurrency
Aurora117.48189.07Aurora Toll Plaza 61
118.88191.32119Farnsworth AvenueSigned as exits 119A and 119B westbound
121 To CR 14 (Eola Road)I-PASS only on westbound exit and eastbound entrance ramps
Naperville122.93197.84123 IL 59Diverging diamond interchange as of October 2015
Warrenville124.81200.86125 CR 13 (Winfield Road)
127 To CR 23 (Naperville Road)
Lisle129.63208.62130 IL 53 (Lincoln Avenue)Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Downers Grove130.94–
I-355 (Veterans Memorial Tollway) to US 34 (Ogden Avenue) Joliet, Northwest Suburbs
Signed as exits 131A (south) and 131B (north) westbound; signed as exits 131 (south) and 132 (north) eastbound; I-355 exit 20
133.88215.46134 CR 9 (Highland Avenue)Westbound entrance via Downers Drive
Oak Brook134.62216.65Meyers Road Toll Plaza 52 (eastbound)
136.02218.90136 CR 15 (Midwest Road)Eastbound exit and entrance
136.77220.11137 IL 83 south (Kingery Highway)No westbound entrance
137.29220.95138 22nd Street (Cermak Road) north to IL 83 (Kingery Highway)Westbound entrance and exit
137.73221.65York Road Toll Plaza 53 (westbound)
I-294 south (Tri-State Tollway) / York Road Indiana
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance; exit includes direct exit ramp onto York Road; York Road exit signed as exit 138 eastbound; I-294 exit 29
I-294 north (Tri-State Tollway) / I-290 west Milwaukee, Rockford
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance; I-294 exit 31A

I-294 south (Tri-State Tollway) / IL 38 west (Roosevelt Road) Indiana
Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
I-290 east (Eisenhower Expressway) to US 12 / US 20 / US 45 (Mannheim Road) ChicagoEastbound exit only; all trucks must exit onto a local lane

I-290 east / IL 110 (CKC) east (Eisenhower Expressway) Chicago
Eastern terminus; eastern end of Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway; eastern end of IL 110 concurrency; I-290 exit 15A
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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