Interstate 70 in Illinois

Interstate 70 (I-70) is a part of the Interstate Highway System that travels from Cove Fort, Utah to Baltimore, Maryland. In the U.S. state of Illinois, the Interstate highway travels 160 miles (260 km) from the Missouri state line at the Mississippi River in Brooklyn east to the Indiana state line near Marshall. I-70, which travels in a generally east-northeast direction across the state parallel to and sometimes concurrent with U.S. Route 40 (US 40), connects St. Louis and the Metro East region of Illinois with the Indiana cities of Terre Haute and Indianapolis, as well as many small towns along the northern edge of Southern Illinois and the southern tier of the Central Illinois region. Within Metro East, I-70 has interchanges with I-64 in East St. Louis and I-55 near Troy. I-70 also has interchanges with the two Interstates that form St. Louis's beltway: I-255 near Collinsville and I-270 at the I-55 junction near Troy. East of the Metro East region, I-70 meets US 51 in Vandalia and both I-57 and US 45 in Effingham. Like all Interstate highways, I-70 is a part of the National Highway System for its entire length in Illinois.[2]

Interstate 70
I-70 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by IDOT
Length160 mi[1] (260 km)
Major junctions
West end I-70 at the Missouri state line in Brooklyn, Illinois
East end I-70 / US 40 at the Indiana state line near Marshall
CountiesSt. Clair, Madison, Bond, Fayette, Effingham, Cumberland, Clark
Highway system
IL 68IL 70

Route description

I-70 enters Illinois from St. Louis by crossing the Mississippi River on the four lane Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge into the village of Brooklyn in St. Clair County. The first interchange is for IL 3, which heads south toward Cahokia; the interstate has an interchange with I-64 towards Fairview Heights, and I-55, which it joins and heads northeast.[1] Previously, I-70 ran together with I-55 and I-64 across the Poplar Street Bridge downstream, crossing into East St. Louis; when it was realigned to the current routing, the section through downtown St. Louis was absorbed into another interstate.

I-55/I-70 have an interchange with IL 203 before entering Madison County. The interstate has a diamond interchange with IL 111 just north of Fairmont City and a partial one with Black Lane before the highway's interchange with I-255 west of Collinsville. I-55/I-70 curve northeast around Collinsville and leave the floodplain of the Mississippi River at the interchange with IL 157 (Bluff Road), where the highway reduces to four lanes. The Interstate passes between Collinsville and Maryville, which are both served by the next interchange with IL 159 (Vandalia Street/Maryville Road). US 40 leaves the freeway at a trumpet interchange southwest of Troy. I-55/I-70 curve to the north and meet IL 162 (Edwardsville Road) before they diverge at their interchange with I-270. The interchange, exit 20, is a full cloverleaf except for a flyover ramp for westbound I-70 to join southbound I-55. Westbound I-70's interchange is exit 15; the exits east of that are numbered as if I-70 had run along I-270 for the first few miles in Illinois.[1]

I-70 meets IL Routes 4 and 143 to the south and east of Marine before crossing Highland Silver Lake. US 40 rejoins I-70 near Pierron and the two highways travel concurrently into Bond County, where they separate at Pocahontas. Here, I-70 crosses Shoal Creek. US 40 continues to closely parallel I-70 until the next interchange, which is a connector to US 40 southwest of Greenville. The two highways pass to the south of Greenville, which is also served via an interchange with IL 127. East of Mulberry Grove, I-70/US 40 cross to the north side of the east–west rail line and again closely parallel each other into Fayette County. I-70 passes along the northern edge of Vandalia, with access to the county seat of Fayette County provided by an interchange with US 40 on the west side and US 51 (Kennedy Boulevard) to the north. Just east of US 51, I-70 crosses the Kaskaskia River. I-70 crosses to the south side of both the rail line and US 40 (Cumberland Road) between Bluff City and Brownstown. The Interstate passes to the south of St. Elmo before entering Effingham County to the west of an interchange with IL 128 at Altamont.[1]

Immediately after crossing the Little Wabash River, I-70 joins I-57 in a concurrency to pass around the west and north sides of Effingham. The two Interstates use I-57's exit sequence during the concurrency. I-57/I-70 have interchanges with Fayette Avenue, IL 32 and IL 33 (Keller Drive), and US 45 (Third Street) before diverging near Teutopolis. Just east of Montrose, I-70 enters Cumberland County, where the Interstate has one interchange with IL 130 (Haughton Highway) at Greenup, where the highway crosses the Embarras River. The Interstate continues into Clark County for an interchange with IL 49 north of Casey. I-70 crosses the North Fork Embarras River north of Martinsville, then has an interchange with IL 1 north of the county seat of Marshall. Northeast of Marshall, US 40 rejoins I-70 in a concurrency. The highways cross the Indiana state line west of Terre Haute while closely paralleling the original alignment of US 40, Illiana Drive.[1]

Exit list

Mississippi River0.000.00 I-70 west Kansas CityContinuation into Missouri
Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge; Illinois-Missouri state line
St. ClairFairmont City1.52–
2 To IL 3 / Fairmont City Boulevard
East St. Louis2.423.893 I-64 east LouisvilleEastbound exit and westbound entrance; I-64 exit 3B
2.604.18 I-55 south / I-64 west / US 40 west / IL 3 south / Great River Road south St. LouisWestern end of I-55/US 40/Great River Road concurrency; westbound exit and eastbound entrance; former I-70 west; I-55 exit 3B
2.754.433C Exchange AvenueWestbound exit and eastbound entrance; access to Emerson Park MetroLink station
Canteen Township3.756.044 IL 203 (Collinsville Road) Granite City, Fairmont CitySigned as 4A (south) and 4B (north) westbound
MadisonNameoki Township6.099.806 IL 111 / Great River Road Wood River, Washington Park
8.6313.899Black LaneEastbound exit and westbound entrance
Collinsville Township9.6315.5010 I-255 Memphis, Interstate 270I-255 exit 25
10.7717.3311 IL 157 (Bluff Road) Collinsville, Edwardsville
Maryville14.3323.0615 IL 159 (Vandalia Street/Maryville Road) Collinsville, MaryvilleSigned as exits 15A (south) and 15B (north)
Troy16.7026.8817 US 40 east St. Jacob, HighlandEastern end of US 40 concurrency
17.6828.4518 IL 162 (Edwardsville Road) Troy
Pin Oak Township18.7030.09 I-55 north Chicago, SpringfieldEastern end of I-55 concurrency; I-55 exit 20A; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
19.2230.93 I-270 west Kansas CityEastern terminus of I-270; eastbound access to I-270 is via I-55 north
Marine Township24.7539.8321 IL 4 Staunton, Lebanon
28.1545.3024 IL 143 Marine, Highland
Saline Township34.4055.3630 US 40 west / IL 143 (Steiner Road) Pierron, HighlandWestern end of US 40 concurrency
BondOld Ripley Township40.0664.4736 US 40 east (Pokey Road) PocahontasEastern end of US 40 concurrency
Central Township45.5173.2441 To US 40 / Millersburg Road Greenville
49.2879.3145 IL 127 Greenville, Carlyle
Pleasant Mound Township56.3290.6452Mulberry Grove Road – Mulberry Grove, Keyesport
FayetteVandalia Township64.75104.2161 US 40 Vandalia
Vandalia66.95107.7563 US 51 (Kennedy Boulevard) Vandalia, Pana
Otego Township71.98115.8468 US 40 (Cumberland Road) Brownstown, Bluff City
St. Elmo80.29129.2176Interstate Drive – St. Elmo
EffinghamAltamont86.56139.3082 IL 128 north (Main Street) Altamont
Summit Township96.16154.7592 I-57 south MemphisWestern end of I-57 concurrency; I-57 exit 157
Effingham98.13157.92159Fayette Avenue – EffinghamExits use I-57 exit numbers
99.16159.58160 IL 32 / IL 33 (Keller Drive)
100.93162.43162 US 45 (Third Street) Sigel
Teutopolis Township102.35164.7298 I-57 north ChicagoEastern end of I-57 concurrency; I-57 exit 163
Montrose109.38176.03105Spring Creek Road – Montrose
CumberlandGreenup123.05198.03119 IL 130 (Haughton Highway) Greenup, Charleston
ClarkCasey Township133.51214.86129 IL 49 Casey, Kansas
Martinsville139.60224.66136Cleone Road – Martinsville
Marshall Township150.75242.61147 IL 1 Marshall, Paris
Wabash Township157.97254.23154 US 40 westWestern end of US 40 concurrency
159.75257.09 I-70 east / US 40 east Terre Haute, IndianapolisContinuation into Indiana
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Auxiliary routes

I-70 has one auxiliary route in Illinois:

  • I-270 - Forms the northern and western two-thirds of the beltway around the St. Louis Metro Area (the eastern third is signed as I-255)


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