International Thomson Organization

International Thomson Organization was a development of the commercial empire founded by Lord Thomson of Fleet (Roy Thomson). It was formed in 1978 as a holding company for interests in publishing, travel, and natural resources. Under Roy Thomson's son Kenneth Thomson, ITO sold its natural resources and continued expanding in publishing and media. In 1981, it acquired the publishing operations of Litton Industries.[1] By 1986, International Thomson had acquired business publisher Warren, Gorham & Lamont; legal publishers Callaghan & Company and Clark Boardman; and automotive publishers Ward's.[2] Other publishers acquired include Gale, Mitchell, Thomson & Thomson, Sweet & Maxwell, Chapman & Hall, and Routledge. It included Jane's Information Group focused on spreading information especially military intelligence. In 1989 it joined Thomson Newspapers to become the Thomson Corporation.

International Thomson Organization
IndustryHolding company
FateMerged into Thomson Corporation
PredecessorThomson Newspapers
SuccessorThomson Directories
Founded1978 (1978)
FounderRoy Thomson, 1st Baron Thomson of Fleet
Defunct1989 (1989)


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