International Steel Group

International Steel Group (ISG) was an American steel company, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio[1] which was established by the New York investment firm WL Ross & Co. In 2002 WL Ross & Co. LLC acquired the assets of bankrupt steel companies and rolled them into ISG.

International Steel Group
PredecessorLTV Steel, Bethlehem Steel
SuccessorMittal Steel
United States

In 2004 it was ranked #426 on the Fortune 500.[1]


International Steel Group was created in 2002, after the turn-around investment fund WL Ross & Co. LLC, purchased the LTV Steel (Ling-Temco-Vought) and Acme Steel corporations.[1]

It acquired what was left of the remaining assets of the dissolved Bethlehem Steel, formerly America's second-largest steel producer. Bethlehem Steel did not merge with/into International Steel Group.

It was acquired by Mittal Steel in 2005, which merged with Arcelor to become ArcelorMittal in 2006.

The Luxembourg based ArcelorMittal is integrated steel and mining multinational corporation, and is the world's largest steel producer as of 2014.[2][3]


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