International German School Ho Chi Minh City

Deutsche Schule Ho Chi Minh City - International German School, shortened as IGS, is an international school in Ho Chi Minh City offering a German standards based curriculum for grades EC-12. They plan to offer a German graduation certificate (from 2020) and the mixed language IB diploma program (from 2022).[1]

International German School Ho Chi Minh City
Deutsche Schule Ho Chi Minh City
International German School Ho Chi Minh City
12 Võ Trường Toản, Phường Thảo Điền

Coordinates10.805237°N 106.747908°E / 10.805237; 106.747908
TypePrivate non-profit international school
PrincipalDirk Thormann
School roll73

It is located in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. There has been some problems already in the past. In 2015 the offered curriculum and the direction the school was given by the carrier (SBH) was not communicated with the parents and the school[2] and caused some trouble.[1] Soon thereafter the principal changed.[3] By the end of year 2016/17 more than half of the teachers left.[4]


The International German School (IGS) was founded in 2012,[5] initiated by the Federal Foreign Office and carried by the Stiftung Bildung und Handwerk (SBH).


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