International Emmy Founders Award

The International Emmy Founders Award (or Founders Award) is given by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to individuals whose creative accomplishments have contributed in some way to the quality of global television production.[1] The awards ceremony takes place in New York City since 1980.[2]

International Emmy Founders Award
CountryUnited States
Presented byInternational Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
First awarded1980
Currently held byGreg Berlanti (2018)


Year Winner Country Note
1980 Jim Henson  United States (Creator of the Muppets)
1981 Shaun Sutton  United Kingdom (Head of BBC-TV's Drama Group)
Roone Arledge  United States (Executive Producer, ABC's Wide World of Sports)
1982 Michael Landon  United States (Executive Producer / Director / Writer / Performer)
1983 Herbert Brodkin  United States (Producer / Partner, Titus Productions)
1984 David L. Wolper  United States (Producer / Television Executive)
1985 David Attenborough  United Kingdom (Creator / Writer / Producer / TV Host)
1986 Donald L. Taffner  United Kingdom (President, D.L. Taffner Ltd)
1987 Jacques-Yves Cousteau[3]  France (President, Cousteau Society)
1988 Goar Mestre[4]  Argentina (Latin American Broadcasting Pioneer)
1989 Paul Fox  United Kingdom (Managing Director, BBC Television)
1990 Joan Ganz Cooney  United States (American television producer)
1991 Adrian Cowell[5]  United Kingdom (Film Maker, ITV Central)
1992 Bill Cosby[6]  United States (Comedian / Actor / Producer)
1993 Richard Dunn[7]  United Kingdom (CEO, Thames Television)
1994 Film on Four: Channel 4  United Kingdom (British public-service television broadcaster)
1995 Don Hewitt[8]  United States (Executive Producer, CBS' 60 Minutes)
1996 Reg Grundy[9]  Australia (Founder, Grundy Productions)
1997 Jac Venza[10]  United States (Director of Cultural & Arts Programs, WNET)
1998 Robert Halmi Sr.[11]  Hungary (Chairman, RHI Entertainment)
1999 Hisashi Hieda[12]  Japan (President, Fuji Television)
2000 John Hendricks[13]  United States (Founder & CEO, Discovery Communications)
2001 Pierre Lescure[14]  France (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Canal+ Group)
2002 Howard Stringer[15]  United Kingdom (Chairman & CEO, Sony Corporation of America)
2003 HBO[16]  United States (American premium cable and satellite television network)
2004 MTV International[17]  United States (Channel subsidiary of MTV Networks)
2005 Oprah Winfrey[18]  United States (Chairman, Harpo Inc.)
2006 Steven Spielberg[19]  United States (American film director)
2007 Al Gore[20]  United States (Chairman, Current TV)
2008 Dick Wolf[21]  United States (Creator & Executive Producer, Law & Order)
2009 David Frost[22]  United Kingdom (Journalist / Producer)
2010 Simon Cowell[23]  United Kingdom (Founder, SYCO)
2011 Nigel Lythgoe[24]  United Kingdom (Executive Producer, So You Think You Can Dance; American Idol)
2012 Ryan Murphy[25]  United States (Showrunner)
Norman Lear[26]  United States (40th Anniversary Special Founders Award)
Alan Alda  United States (40th Anniversary Special Founders Award)
2013 J.J. Abrams[27]  United States (Film director)
2014 Matthew Weiner[28]  United States (Screenwriter, Creator of the series Mad Men)
2015 Julian Fellowes[29]  United Kingdom (Screenwriter, Creator of the series Downton Abbey)
2016 Shonda Rhimes  United States (Television producer, writer and author)
2017 None None None
2018 Greg Berlanti[30]  United States (American film and television writer and producer)
2019 David Benioff and D. B. Weiss  United States (Game of Thrones showrunners)

Rescinded nomination

Actor Kevin Spacey was chosen to be the recipient of the 2017 International Emmy Founders Award, but the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences tweeted a reversal of their decision[31] following accusations of sexual misconduct by Spacey in 1986 towards then-14 year old Anthony Rapp.[32]


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