International Court of Arbitration

The International Court of Arbitration is an institution for the resolution of international commercial disputes. The International Court of Arbitration is part of the International Chamber of Commerce. The court comprises more than 100 members from about 90 countries.[1] ICC headquarters is in Paris, France.

There are an increasing number of cases being brought before the International Court of Arbitration. The Court has resolved more than 23,000 commercial disputes since it was created in 1923.


The Court was founded in 1923 under the leadership of the ICC's first president Étienne Clémentel, a former French Minister of Finance.[2]

Members of the ICC Court are appointed by the ICC World Council on the proposal of the local ICC 'national committee' or group or of the President of the Court in jurisdictions where there is no national committee or group, with alternate members appointed by the World Council upon proposal of the President of the Court.


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