Intermarine is an Italian shipbuilding company, owned by the Rodriquez Cantieri Navali Group.


Founded in 1970, Intermarine has specialized in building boats and ships with fibre-reinforced plastic hulls.[1]

In September 2002, the company was acquired by Rodriquez Cantieri Navali, a shipbuilder focusing on high-speed vessels. This led to Intermarine introducing ships built out of steel and aluminum, using technology from their parent company.[1]

Rodriquez owns four shipyards on the west coast of Italy, all of which Intermarine has access to for production.[1] A third shipyard was run in the United States by the subcompany Intermarine USA following the purchase of the Sayler Marine Corporation shipyard in Savannah, Georgia in 1987,[2] but by the 2002 acquisition by Rodriquez, this yard was no longer owned by the company.


Intermarine builds exclusively military ships in three designs.

  • Minesweepers are ships designed for the disposal of mines, and which Intermarine's composite construction is well suited for, as the high elasticity of composite hull is flexible enough to absorb the energy from a mine blast at close range without significant damage. Intermarine has built 38 of these vessels for seven customers, including three under construction for the Finnish Navy.[1]
  • Intermarine has also built hydro-oceanographic ships for the Italian Navy. The vessels are catamarans, and two have been built for the purposes of charting seafloor.[3]
  • Intermarine has also begun producing patrol boats, of which five are under construction, but none have yet been delivered. The vessels are produced with either composite or aluminum hulls, and are capable of speeds above 50 knots.[1]




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