Interdynamics MKR

The Interdynamics MKR was a Swedish prototype assault rifle developed in the 1980s. The weapon never proceeded beyond prototype stages.

Interdynamics MKR
TypeBullpup assault rifle
Place of originSweden
Production history
ManufacturerInterdynamics AB
Mass3 kg
Barrel length600mm

Cartridge4.5×26mm MKR
Maximum firing range300m
Feed system50-round detachable box magazine
SightsIron sights


The Interdynamics MKR was originally designed using a 4.5×26mm MKR round using solid brass bullets. Its purpose was to provide a flat ballistic trajectory along with armor-piercing capabilities with low recoil for the user to handle, even when fired fully automatically.

An additional part of the concept was for it to use a low cost ammunition type. The 4.5×26mm MKR round was claimed to be ballistically as effective at 300 meters as the 5.56×45mm NATO round.

Another interesting feature about the weapon is that it was bullpup in design, which means that the magazine is located behind the trigger, and also utilized the blowback system of operation. The bullpup design was a significant tactical advantage because it increased the firearm's compactness and allowed for a smaller, lighter and more efficient firearm.

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