Inspector of the Navy

The Inspector of the Navy (German: Inspekteur der Marine) is the commander of the Navy of the modern-day German Armed Forces, the Bundeswehr. Since the various bodies responsible for the high command of the German Navy were merged in 2012, the Inspector has been based at the Navy Command at Rostock.[1] Before then, the Inspector was head of the Naval Staff of the Ministry of Defence, based in Bonn. Both the Inspector and his deputy hold the rank of vice admiral (German: Vizeadmiral).[2]

Inspector of the German Navy
Inspekteur der Marine
Standard of the Inspector of the Navy
Vizeadmiral Andreas Krause

since 28 October 2014
Federal Minister of Defence
Reports toGeneral Inspector of the Bundeswehr
PrecursorOberkommando der Marine

The Inspector is responsible for the readiness of personnel and materiel in the German Navy, in that regard he reports directly to the Federal Minister of Defence. The Inspector commands the Navy Command; however, the subordinate departments of the Navy are led by their heads at Navy Command and do not report directly to the Inspector. The Inspector sits under the General Inspector of the Bundeswehr and is a member of the Defence Council for Bundeswehr-wide matters.[1]

List of Inspectors of the Navy

No. Inspector of the NavyTook officeLeft officeTime in office
Ruge, FriedrichVizeadmiral
Friedrich Ruge
June 1956August 19615 years, 2 months
Zenker, Karl-AdolfVizeadmiral
Karl-Adolf Zenker
August 196130 September 19676 years, 1 month
Jeschonnek, GertVizeadmiral
Gert Jeschonnek
1 October 196730 September 19713 years, 11 months
Kühnle, HeinzVizeadmiral
Heinz Kühnle
1 October 197131 March 19753 years, 5 months
Luther, GünterVizeadmiral
Günter Luther
1 April 197531 March 19804 years, 11 months
Bethge, AnsgarVizeadmiral
Ansgar Bethge
(born 1924)
1 April 198031 March 19854 years, 11 months
Wellershoff, DieterVizeadmiral
Dieter Wellershoff
1 April 1985September 19861 year, 5 months
Wellershoff, DieterVizeadmiral
Hans-Joachim Mann
(born 1935)
1 October 198630 September 19914 years, 11 months
Weyher, Hein-PeterVizeadmiral
Hein-Peter Weyher
(born 1935)
1 October 1991April 19953 years, 6 months
Boehmer, Hans-RudolfVizeadmiral
Hans-Rudolf Boehmer
(born 1938)
April 1995September 19983 years, 5 months
Lüssow, HansVizeadmiral
Hans Lüssow
(born 1942)
1 October 1998February 20034 years, 4 months
Feldt, LutzVizeadmiral
Lutz Feldt
(born 1942)
1 March 2003April 20063 years, 1 month
Nolting, WolfgangVizeadmiral
Wolfgang E. Nolting
(born 1948)
April 200628 April 20104 years
Schimpf, AxelVizeadmiral
Axel Schimpf
(born 1952)
28 April 201028 October 20144 years, 6 months
Krause, AndreasVizeadmiral
Andreas Krause
(born 1956)
28 October 2014Incumbent5 years

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