Inside the Dub Plates

Inside the Dub Plates is an album by New Zealand dub group, Salmonella Dub released in 2001.

Inside the Dub Plates
Studio album by
Released10 August 2001
Salmonella Dub chronology
Colonial Dubs
Inside the Dub Plates
Outside the Dub Plates

Salmonella Dub employed their old engineer David Wernham (currently with Shihad) to record all their live instrumentation on this album as well as Paddy Free to boffin and co-produce.

Track listing

  1. "Problems"
  2. "Platetectonics (Fartyboom)"
  3. "Love Your Ways"
  4. "Wytaliba"
  5. "Tha Bromley East Roller"
  6. "Gospel According To Mant"
  7. "Push On Thru"
  8. "Loop 7"
  9. "Ramblings From The Anatoki"
  10. "Tui Dub"

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