Inna Churikova

Inna Mikhailovna Churikova (Russian: И́нна Миха́йловна Чу́рикова, born 5 October 1943) is a Soviet and Russian film and theatre actress.

Inna Churikova
Inna Churikova in 2018.
Inna Mikhailovna Churikova

(1943-10-05) 5 October 1943
Years active1965 - present
Spouse(s)Gleb Panfilov


Churikova was born in Belebey, Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, RSFSR, USSR. In the early 1950s Inna moved with her mother to Moscow. Inna was bent on becoming an actress from an early age: as a schoolgirl she studied at the drama studio attached to the Stanislavsky Theatre and later, after a few failures, entered Shchepkin Drama School. She debuted in filming whilst a first-year student, in minor episodic roles. Inna Churikova became famous thanks to the films V ogne broda net (No Path Through Fire) (1968), and especially the triumphal Nachalo (The Debut) (1970) by the then beginning film director and her future husband Gleb Panfilov.

Her other most remarkable works were in the films: Tot samyy Myunkhgauzen (The Very Same Munchhausen) (1979) written by Grigory Gorin and directed by Mark Zakharov, Voenno-polevoy roman (Wartime Romance) (1983) by Pyotr Todorovsky, Rebro Adama (Adam's Rib) (1990) by Vyacheslav Krishtofovich, God sobaki (The Year of a Dog) (1993) by Semyon Aranovich, Plashch Kazanovy (Casanova's Raincoat) (1993) by Aleksandr Galin, Kurochka Ryaba (Ryaba My Chicken) (1994) by Andrei Konchalovsky, and Shirli-Myrli (What a mess!) (1995) by Vladimir Menshov. For her role in Wartime Romance, she won the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the 34th Berlin International Film Festival,[1] and won the Nika Award in 1991 in the Best Actress category for her role in Rebro Adama.

Inna Churikova is also a renowned stage actress, mainly working in Lenkom theatre with director Mark Zakharov, as well as a non-repertory theatre star.

Together with her husband and son, Churikova was a co-screenwriter for the historical feature Romanovy: Ventsenosnaya semya (The Romanovs: An Imperial Family) (2000), in which rather than appear on screen, she dubs the English actress Lynda Bellingham starring as the tsarina Aleksandra Fyodorovna.


  • Clouds over Borsk (Тучи над Борском) (1963) as Raika, classmate Olya
  • Walking the Streets of Moscow (Я шагаю по Москве) (1963) as girl participating in the playful contest
  • Jack Frost (Морозко) (1964) as Marfúshka
  • Where are you now, Maxim? (Где ты теперь, Максим?) (1964) as Angelica
  • Cook (Стряпуха) (1965) as Barbara
  • Thirty Three (Тридцать три) (1965) as Rose Lyubashkina
  • Head nurse (Старшая сестра) (1966) as Nelly
  • The Elusive Avengers (Неуловимые мстители) (1966) as blond Josy
  • No Path Through Fire (В огне брода нет) (1967) as Tanya Tetkina
  • The Beginning (Начало) (1970) as P`asha Stroganova/Joan of Arc
  • Request to speak (Прошу слова) (1967) as Elizabeth A. Uvarovа, chairman of the City Council
  • The Very Same Munchhausen (Тот самый Мюнхгаузен) (1979) as Jakobina von Munchhausen
  • The Theme (Тема) (1979) as Sasha Nikolaeva, museum guide
  • Valentina (Валентина) (1981) as Anna V. Khoroshih, barmaid
  • Wartime Romance (Военно-полевой роман)(1983) as Vera
  • Vassa (Васса) (1983) as Vassa Zheleznova
  • Dead Souls (Мертвые души) (1984) as Lady, nice in every respect
  • Courier (Курьер) (1987) as Lydia Alekseevna, Ivan's mother
  • Mother (Мать) (1990) as Pelagea Nilovna Vlassova, Pavel's mother
  • Adam's Rib (Ребро Адама) (1990) as Nina Elizarovna
  • Casanova's Raincoat (Плащ Казановы) (1993) as Chloe
  • The Year of the Dog (Год Собаки) (1994) as Vera Morozova
  • Assia and the Hen with the Golden Eggs (Курочка Ряба) (1994) as Asya Klyachina
  • Shirli-Myrli (Ширли-Мырли) (1995) as Praskoviya Alekseyevna Krolikova
  • Bless the Woman (Благословите женщину) (2003) as Kunina
  • The Idiot (Идиот) (2003) as Elizaveta Prokof'yevna Yepanchina, general Yepanchin's wife
  • Casus belli (Казус белли) (2003) as Masha
  • Narrow bridge (Узкий мост) (2004) as Rose Borisovna
  • Moscow Saga (Московская сага) (2004) as Mary Gradova
  • The First Circle (В круге первом) (2005) as Gerasimovich’s Wife
  • Spiral staircase (Винтовая лестница) (2005) as Olga Mikhalovna
  • Carnival Night-2, or 50 years later (Карнавальная ночь-2 или 50 лет спустя) (2006) as Inessa
  • Guilty Without Fault (Без вины виноватые) (2008) as Helena Kruchinina, a famous actress
  • Secrets of Palace Overturns. Part 7. "Vivat, Anna!" (Тайны дворцовых переворотов. Фильм 7. "Виват, Анна!") (2008) as Anna Ioanovna
  • Burnt by the Sun 2: Сitadel (Утомленные солнцем 2: Цитадель) (2011) as old woman

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