Inglewood Park Cemetery

Inglewood Park Cemetery, 720 East Florence Avenue in Inglewood, California, was founded in 1905. [1][2][3] A number of notable people, including entertainment and sports personalities, have been interred or entombed there.

Inglewood Park Cemetery
CountryUnited States
Size200 acres (0.81 km2)


The proposed establishment of "the largest cemetery in the world" was announced in November 1905, to be "on a high strip of ground two miles southwest of Los Angeles."[4]

In 1907, a "handsome, two-story, white granite chapel" was completed at a cost of "about $40,000."[5]

Also in 1907 the management placed an order "with the factory in the East" for a $12,000 funeral car to be used "on the electric line"[6] that ran on a right-of-way off Redondo Boulevard (today's Florence Avenue) in front of the cemetery.

Between 1928 and 1948 Inglewood Park advertised itself as the "Largest in California," with a mausoleum, cemetery, and columbarium.[7][8][9] From 1948 through 1950 it said it had the "Greatest number of interments in the West."[10][11]

Organizers and directors

Early backers of the Inglewood Cemetery Association were Senator Robert N. Bulla, Mark G. Jones, Robert H. Raphael, Tom Hughes, P.W. Powers, Byron Oliver, B.J. or V.J. Rowan, F.K. Eckley, C.B. Hopper, Harry M. Jack, John R. Powers, George Letteau, Jennie Wild, and Will G. Nevin. Others were P.W. Powers and D.S. Patterson.[4][12]

In 1907 the directors were Mark G. Jones, F.K. Eckley, Robt. N. Bulls, John C. Rupp, Robt. H. Raphael, Geo. H. Letteau, and Chas. B. Hopper. The officers were Mark G. Jones, president and treasurer; Chas. B. Hopper, vice-president; F.K. Eckley, secretary; V.J. Rowan, engineer, and Captain L.G. Loomis, superintendent.[13]

Early burials

One of the earliest notable burials was that of Webster Street, justice of the Supreme Court of Arizona between 1897 and 1900, on September 23, 1908.[14]

Another was the September 12, 1908, funeral of Los Angeles city Police Chief Walter H. Auble, who was shot and killed in the line of duty. Thousands came from Los Angeles on carriages and aboard special Los Angeles Railway streetcars.[15][16]

Notable interments/funerals

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  • Gordon W. Norris (1907–1961), poet laureate of California









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