Industrial Union of Donbas

Industrial Union of Donbass (ISD; Ukrainian: Індустріальний союз Донбасу) is one of the biggest corporations in Ukraine. It is a horizontally integrated holding company that owns or directs stocks of 40 industrial enterprises in the East Ukraine, Hungary, and Poland. The company was created in 1995 and before the appearance of SCM Holdings in 2000 was a major steel rolling corporation in the East Ukraine. According to Interfax, ISD produces 9.2 million of steel annually.[1] In 2012 World Steel Association ranking the corporation placed 33rd sharing it with JSW Steel Ltd.[2]

Industrial Union of Donbass
Industrymajor: metallurgy
minor: agriculture
Founded1995 (1995) in Donetsk
FounderVitaliy Haiduk, Serhiy Taruta, Oleh Mkrtchian
Number of locations
Ukraine, Poland, Hungary
Key people
Serhiy Taruta, Oleh Mkrtchan
OwnerISD (49.9%), Carbofer Group (50%+2)

Stock holders

In 2010 the Swiss-based Carbofer Group (associate of Evraz Group) along with a "group of investors" and the Vnesheconombank has purchased the controlling interest in corporation 50%+2 stocks.[3] [4] Because of that Vitaliy Haiduk left ISD.[5] Earlier in 2007 Metalloinvest showed its interest to buy portion of ISD.

List of holding's main enterprises

2007 acquisitions

In 2007 ISD obtained from SCM Holdings the Kuibyshev Kramatorsk Metallurgical Plant (Kramatorsk) which was fighting against bankruptcy charges since 2006.[7] At the end of 2012 the Donetsk Economical Court recognized Kramatorsk Metallurgical Plant as bankrupt, while most of its assets were transferred to two smaller factories - Kramatorsk Metal-rolling Plant and Kramatorsk Ferroalloy Plant.[8]

ISD obtained 75% shares of the Gdansk Shipyard, with the remaining share held by the Polish government.[9] The Polish government regained 50% in 2018.[10]

Smaller companies

  • Dnieper Pipe Plant (Pavlohrad, built in 2008)
  • Enerhomashspetsstal (Kramatorsk)
  • Panteleimon Refractory Plant (Horlivka)
  • Agrarian companies: "Olha", "Zoria"
  • Dianivska Poultry Farm
  • Bakhmut Agrarian Union
  • Karansky Grain Elevator

Media companies

  • Internet publisher "ProUA"
  • Comments newspaper (
  • Economic news newspaper (
  • Expert-Ukraine magazine
  • Invest-Gazette


Former enterprises

Relations and controversies

Academics state that ISD provided significant financial support for Viktor Yuschenko during his presidential campaign and subsequent Orange Revolution.[11][12] Vitaliy Haiduk (appointed by President Yuschenko[13]) headed the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine from October 2006 till May 2007.[14] Haiduk also served as deputy minister and minister of fuel and energy from 2000 under former President Leonid Kuchma, who in 2002 promoted him to deputy prime minister.[14] Haiduk also served as an adviser on energy to former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko prior to 2010.[14]

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