Indoor kite

Indoor kites are kites designed to fly in a windless environment. While principally designed for indoor use, they can also be flown outdoors when insufficient wind would render conventional kite-flying impossible. They are flown by using the relative wind provided by the motion of the kite-flier. This motion is typically generated by the user walking slowly backwards (and often within a circle), but it can also be achieved with suitable pulls and jerks along the kite lines.

As ultralight kite making materials became available indoor kites were developed from the idea of flying low-wind kites. Today, indoor kites come in all varieties. There are two-line and four-line indoor kites that are capable of performing most of the same tricks and maneuvers as an outdoor kites. Indoor kites are often flown in time to music and indoor kite festivals occur regularly, complete with the demonstrations and competitions that take place at ordinary kiting events.[1]

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