Indianapolis Chiefs

The Indianapolis Chiefs were a minor league professional ice hockey team that played in the International Hockey League from 1955 to 1962. The Chiefs were based in Indianapolis, Indiana and played at the Indiana State Fair Coliseum. In seven seasons, the Chiefs never had a regular season record with more wins than losses, but were finalists for the 1957 Turner Cup in a season dominated by the Cincinnati Mohawks.The Chiefs won the 1958 Turner Cup by defeating the Louisville Rebels 4 games to 3.

Season-by-season results

SeasonGamesWonLostTiedPointsWinning %Goals
1955–566011481230.1921263306th, IHL
1956–576026295570.4751681772nd, IHL
1957–586428306620.4842092084th, IHL
1958–596026304560.4672312474th, IHL
1959–606825403530.3902343224th, East
1960–617020464440.3142173134th, East
1961–626719480380.2842203486th, IHL

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