Indian state football associations

The State Football Associations are the regional governing bodies of association football in India. There are thirty-six State Associations affiliated to the All India Football Federation (AIFF). The Services and Railways Sports Control Boards and the Women's Committee are affiliated units.

The State Associations have their own constitution and structure and these sometimes differ from those set down within the AIFF regulations. Depending on the size of the State, some State Associations have smaller district associations, such as the Mumbai District Football Association, that are affiliated to them. Clubs are normally affiliated to the district associations. However, in smaller States the Clubs are directly affiliated to the State Association.

Each State conducts its own competitions while at a district level the local association organises lower tier competitions. There are also inter-district competitions. There is a lot of disparity in the ways that the State Associations function. A few State Associations, which have sufficient resources, are able to provide a well equipped and well staffed offices. In contrast others have just a single room office which accommodates the Secretary or any other staff who may be able to work on an occasional basis, for example after normal office hours.[1]



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