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Underwater divers are people who take part in underwater diving activities Underwater diving is practiced as part of an occupation, or for recreation, where the practitioner submerges below the surface of the water or other liquid for a period which may range between seconds to order of a day at a time, either exposed to the ambient pressure or isolated by a pressure resistant suit, to interact with the underwater environment for pleasure, competitive sport, or as a means to reach a work site for profit or in the pursuit of knowledge, and may use no equipment at all, or a wide range of equipment which may include breathing apparatus, environmental protective clothing, aids to vision, communication, propulsion, maneuverability, buoyancy and safety equipment, and tools for the task at hand.




  • James F. Cahill  American scuba diving pioneer
  • Sara Campbell  British free diver and former world record holder
  • Derya Can  Turkish world record holder female free-diver
  • Berry L. Cannon  American aquanaut who died in a diving incident.
  • Scott Carpenter  American test pilot, astronaut and aquanaut
  • Scott Cassell  American underwater film maker.
  • Craig Challen  Australian veterinary surgeon and technical diver
  • Gregory Chamitoff  Canadian born engineer and NASA astronaut
  • Steve Chappell  American aerospace engineer
  • John Chatterton  American wreck diver, co-host for History Channel's Deep Sea Detectives series
  • Eric Cheng  Taiwanese American entrepreneur and professional photographer
  • Cathy Church  American marine biologist, diver, photographer and educator
  • Eugenie Clark  American ichthyologist, shark researcher and scientific scuba diver
  • Goran Čolak  Croatian free-diver and world record holder
  • Catherine Coleman  American chemist and former United States Air Force officer and NASA astronaut
  • Neville Coleman  Australian naturalist, underwater photographer, writer, publisher and educator
  • Robin Cook  American physician and novelist
  • Craig B. Cooper  American aquanaut
  • Carlos Coste  Venezuelan freediver and world record holder
  • Cotton Coulson  Photographer known for his work for National Geographic magazine
  • Fabien Cousteau  Aquanaut, ocean conservationist, and documentary filmmaker
  • Jacques Cousteau  French inventor of open circuit scuba, pioneer diver, author, film-maker and marine researcher
  • Jean-Michel Cousteau  French oceanographic explorer, environmentalist, educator, and film producer
  • Philippe Cousteau  French diver and cinematographer
  • Cláudio Coutinho  Brazilian football manager and coach
  • Lionel Crabb  Royal Navy frogman and MI6 diver
  • John D. Craig  American businessman, writer, soldier, and diver
  • Timothy Creamer  NASA flight director, retired astronaut and a colonel in the United States Army
  • Robert Croft  American freediver and US Navy diving instructor
  • Ben Cropp  Australian documentary filmmaker, conservationist and spearfisherman
  • Mandy-Rae Cruickshank  Canadian world champion freediver and record holder
  • Clive Cussler  American adventure novelist and underwater explorer






  • Chris Hadfield  retired Canadian astronaut
  • Edmond Halley  English astronomer, geophysicist, mathematician, meteorologist, and physicist
  • Monty Halls  British TV broadcaster, diver and naturalist
  • Willy Halpert - founder of Aquasport first Middle East Diving Centre
  • Bob Halstead  Underwater photographer, author, journalist and commentator on the recreational diving industry.
  • Jeremy Hansen  Canadian astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency
  • Guy Harvey  Jamaican marine wildlife artist and conservationist
  • Hans Hass  Austrian biologist, film-maker, and underwater diving pioneer
  • Mehgan Heaney-Grier  American free-diver, fashion model, actress, conservationist and television personality
  • Jill Heinerth  Canadian diver, writer and underwater filmmaker
  • José M. Hernández  American engineer and former NASA astronaut
  • John Herrington  Retired United States Naval Aviator and former NASA astronaut
  • Paul Hill (flight director)  Former Director of Mission Operations at the NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
  • Gene Hobbs  American technical diver and co-founder of the Rubicon Foundation
  • Craig M. Hoffman  Diver killed in the Venture One diving accident
  • Peter Henry Michael Holmes  Saturation diver killed in the Waage Drill II diving accident
  • Akihiko Hoshide  Japanese engineer and JAXA astronaut
  • Mark Hulsbeck  American professional aquanaut. Oceanographic Operations Field Manager and research diver for the Aquarius Reef Base
  • Emma Hwang  Scientist with Wyle Laboratories and aquanaut on NEEMO 5


  • Steve Irwin  Australian zookeeper, conservationist and television personality






  • Bill Nagle  American wreck diving pioneer
  • Guillaume Néry  French freediver
  • Mark M. Newell  British/American underwater and terrestrial archaeologist and anthropologist
  • Herbert Nitsch  Austrian freediver and world record holder
  • Soichi Noguchi  Japanese aeronautical engineer and a JAXA astronaut
  • Phil Nuytten  Canadian deep-ocean explorer, scientist, and inventor of the Newtsuit
  • Karen Nyberg  American mechanical engineer and NASA astronaut


  • John Peter Oleson  Classical archaeologist and historian of ancient technology
  • John D. Olivas  American engineer and a former NASA astronaut
  • Takuya Onishi  Japanese engineer, commercial pilot and astronaut from JAXA



  • Marc Reagan  American Station Training Lead in Mission Operations at NASA's Johnson Space Center
  • Garrett Reisman  American engineer and former NASA astronaut
  • Leni Riefenstahl
  • Michal Risian  Czech and Slovak freediving champion
  • Lesley Rochat  South African underwater photographer, filmmaker and environmental activist
  • Benoît Rouquayrol  French inventor of an early diving demand regulator
  • Chris and Chrissy Rouse, represented by The Last Dive  Non-fiction book by Bernie Chowdhury about a double wreck diving fatality
  • Kathleen Rubins  American microbiologist and NASA astronaut
  • Margaret Rule  British archaeologist who led the Mary Rose project
  • Dick Rutkowski  American pioneer in hyperbaric and diving medicine and use of mixed breathing gases for diving
  • Tara Ruttley  Associate Program Scientist for the International Space Station at NASA's Johnson Space Center








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