is a Croatian news website,[3] launched in December 2002 and based in Zagreb. The news site covers politics, business, sports, show business, and features columns covering everything from gossip to political commentary. As of 2018, it is the leading Croatian news website.[4]
Type of site
Available inCroatian
Created byMatija Babić
Alexa rank2,881 (Global, as of October 2017)[1]
RegistrationRequired for some services
Launched10 December 2002[2]
Current statusOnline was founded by Matija Babić and was originally designed as a news aggregation website, providing news content from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The website quickly grew in popularity, and over time more original content produced by the growing staff was being added to the site, until it became a popular media outlet in its own right. gained public recognition by exposing a series of scandals, the two most notable being the 2003 controversy stirred by a discovered recording of popular singer Marko Perković in which Perković publicly performed a song praising the World War II fascist Ustaše regime,[5] and the 2004 celebrity sex tape scandal involving Severina Vučković, a pop singer.[6] In April of 2016, The Croatian Journalist Society condemned Index's insult to believers in the article 'Living Dead: Catholic Necrophilic orgies are the craziest show on HRT', in which Index writes offensively about the relics of St. Leopold Mandic whom the church proclaimed holy, accusing for hate speech. managed to keep its place among the top-visited websites in Croatia throughout the period, and has since launched a number of additional services, such as (a blogging website) and (a website for online flash gaming).

It also keeps avoiding paying taxes to Croatia Tax Revenue and has changed companies under which name is registered for many times.

According to analytics compiled in October 2014, ranked 5th most visited site in Croatia (1st most visited news site),[7] and 19th in Bosnia and Herzegovina.[8]


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