Independent Alliance (Ireland)

The Independent Alliance is an Irish political grouping formed in March 2015 by independent politicians. It was founded by Shane Ross and Michael Fitzmaurice. It is not a political party, and has stated that it will not impose any whip on elected members, except where the group has agreed to support a government on confidence motions.[1] Following the 2016 general election their members are part of a minority government with Fine Gael and other non-aligned Independent ministers.

Independent Alliance
Founded30 March 2015 (2015-03-30)
IdeologyNonpartisan politics
Political positionBig tent
TypePolitical group
Dáil Éireann
4 / 158
Seanad Éireann
0 / 60



Prior to the 2016 general election, the alliance counted among its members five independent TDs of the 31st Dáil and two senators of the 24th Seanad; within the Oireachtas, it comprised TDs Shane Ross, Michael Fitzmaurice, Finian McGrath, John Halligan, and Tom Fleming; and senators Feargal Quinn and Gerard Craughwell.[2]

Councillors who are members of the alliance are represented on Donegal, Fingal, Galway, Kildare, Louth, Meath, Offaly, Sligo, South Dublin and Westmeath County Councils, along with a councillor on Cork City Council.


20 members of the alliance ran as independent candidates at the 2016 general election.[3][1][4] 6 candidates were elected: Seán Canney, Michael Fitzmaurice, John Halligan, Finian McGrath, Kevin "Boxer" Moran and Shane Ross.[5]

Gerard Craughwell was re-elected as a senator in April 2016 following the general election, but he announced on 29 April that he had left the group due to being excluded from the group's negotiations with Fine Gael on supporting a government.[6] On 18 May, Michael Fitzmaurice, who had been the only Alliance TD not to vote for Enda Kenny as Taoiseach, announced that he was leaving the group.[7]

Following the election of Enda Kenny as Taoiseach, the members of the Alliance entered government with Ross serving as Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport and McGrath, Halligan and Canney serving as Ministers of State. In 2017 Canney stepped down to allow for his replacement by Moran as Minister of State for the Office of Public Works. All Alliance ministers retained their positions under Leo Varadkar's government in 2017.

Canney departed the Independent Alliance in May 2018 but pledged his continued support for the government.[8]


With no policies or whip, and with members from across the right-left political spectrum, the alliance does not have a cohesive ideology. The group's website has set out a list of "principles and priorities" based around general themes of political reform that the alliance has claimed would form a charter for its election candidates. The group regards whips as "a regressive force in Irish politics".[9]

Election results

The Independent Alliance are not a registered party, so they appear as non-party on the ballot paper. Their collective results are as follows:

Election Seats won ± Position First Pref votes % Government
6 / 158
1 N/A 88,930 4.2% Minority FG-Ind Government


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