Incident in an Alley

Incident in an Alley
Directed byEdward L. Cahn
Produced byEdward Small (executive)
Robert E. Kent
Written byOwen Harris
Harry Medford
Based onstory by Rod Serling
StarringChris Warfield
Harvard Productions
Distributed byUnited Artists
Release date

Incident in an Alley is a 1962 film.[1]


A policeman must prove the teenager he shot was a delinquent.


The film was based on a TV play by Rod Serling which had aired in 1955 as part of the US Steel Hour starring Farley Granger.[2] It was announced almost immediately the show would be turned into a play, Line of Duty as well as a film by United Artists.[3] Clarence Greene and Russell Rouse were assigned producing duties on the film, with Serling himself doing the script.[4][5] However it took several years for the film to be made.


Reviews were poor.[6]

Chris Warfield impressed Edward Small so much the producer used him again on Diary of a Madman.[7]

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