In the Zone (play)

In the Zone is a 1917 stage play by Eugene O'Neill.

In the Zone
First edition printing (1919) of one-act plays including In the Zone
Written byEugene O'Neill
Date premiered31 October 1917 (1917-10-31)
Place premieredComedy Theatre,
New York City
SettingThe forecastle of the British tramp steamer Glencairn in 1915


The adventures of the crew of a small tramp steamer in World War One.


The cast of characters in In the Zone is listed in the 1919 collection The Moon of the Caribbees and Six Other Plays of the Sea.[1]

  • Smitty
  • Davis
  • Swanson
  • Scotty
  • Ivan
  • Paul
  • Jack
  • Driscoll
  • Cocky


1946 British TV version

The BBC produced a version in 1946. The cast included Bonar Colleano, Finlay Currie, Alec Mango and Jack Newmark. Broadcast live, the transmissions were not recorded,[2] and as such it is lost.

1957 Australian TV version

In the Zone
Directed byWilliam Sterling
Based onplay by Eugene O'Neill
Release date
19 March 1957 (Sydney)[3] 4 April 1957 (Melbourne)[4]
Running time
30 mins

A 1957 version of In the Zone was a very early attempt at Australian television drama, airing during the first few months of TV in that country. It was produced in Sydney and telerecorded/kinescoped for Melbourne broadcast (these were the only two cities in Australia with television at the time), and aired on ABC, and was broadcast in a 30-minute time-slot.

Archival status is unknown. Most of the very early Australian television drama were adaptations of overseas stage plays, or new versions of works originally presented on the BBC in the UK. In the Zone was an example of both, as the play had previously been presented on the BBC during 1946. It is not known if the two versions used the same script.


  • Bruce Beeby
  • Richard Meikle
  • Keith Buckley
  • Owen Weingott
  • John Bluthal
  • Bruce Wishart

Other versions

A different version may have aired on British television in 1960.[5]

The play formed part of the basis for the 1940 film The Long Voyage Home.

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