In the Dust of the Stars

In the Dust of the Stars (German: Im Staub der Sterne, Romanian: În pulberea de stele) is a 1976 East German science fiction film, co-produced with Romania and directed by Gottfried Kolditz.[1] Some of the film's props were part of a 2009 exhibit entitled "Retrospektive in die Zukunft" and Twitch Film screened the film as part of their Attack The Bloc screening series.[2][3]

In the Dust of the Stars
Original film poster reflecting the movie's original title
Directed byGottfried Kolditz
Written byGottfried Kolditz
Music byKarl-Ernst Sasse
CinematographyPeter Süring
Edited byChrista Helwig
Release date
Running time
95 minutes
CountryEast Germany


The spaceship Cynro has received a distress call from the planet TEM 4. The crew tries to respond but ends up crash landing on the planet as a result of radio waves. Emerging from the ship, the crew is brought to the planet's leader Ronk (Milan Beli), who tells the Cynro crew that there was never any accident and that the distress call was all a mistake. As an apology he invites the crew to a party, much to the misgivings of Suko (Alfred Struwe), the ship's navigator. Sensing that there is more to Ronk's claims, Suko refuses the invitation.

His concerns end up being well-founded after Ronk uses the party to remove any memories of the fake distress call and Suko discovers a subterranean mine where Ronk forces captives to work as slaves. The Cynro crew is unable to decide whether they should return to their ship and escape or stay and help the slaves gain freedom. This choice is ultimately made for them when the slaves revolt and the ensuing battle forces the crew to leave the planet, leaving behind their commander and Suko, who is dying. The film ends with the natives burying Suko.



The original, uncut version of the film was rereleased by the DEFA Film Library at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2005.[4]


DVD Verdict gave the film a positive review, calling it a "guilty pleasure" and a "fun, cheesy movie".[5] DVD Talk also praised the film and wrote "Though it's easy to mock its very '70s art direction, costume design and general sensibility, In the Dust of the Stars (Im Staub der Sterne, 1975) exhibits much imagination throughout."[6]


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