In August of 1944

In August 1944 (Russian: В августе 44-го…; better known as The Moment of Truth) is a 2001 Russian-Belarusian action film directed by Mikhail Ptashuk.[1]

In August of 1944
Directed byMikhail Ptashuk
Produced byOlga Semago
Vladimir Semago
Written byVladimir Bogomolov
StarringYevgeny Mironov
Vladislav Galkin
Music byAlexander Gradsky
CinematographyVladimir Sporyshkov
Release date
  • 4 May 2001 (2001-05-04)
Running time
109 minutes


A Soviet counter-intelligence (SMERSH) team are assigned to track down a group of German spies in Belarus following Operation Bagration as Soviet armies drive into Poland.



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