Imperial Violets (1924 film)

Imperial Violets (French:Violettes impériales) is a 1924 French silent historical film directed by Henry Roussel and starring Raquel Meller, Suzanne Bianchetti and André Roanne.[1] It was remade by Roussel as a sound film of the same title in 1932.

Imperial Violets
Directed byHenry Roussel
Written byHenry Roussel
StarringRaquel Meller
Suzanne Bianchetti
André Roanne
CinematographyJules Kruger
Paul Portier
Productions Henry Roussell
Release date
3 February 1924
French intertitles

The film's sets were designed by the art director Robert Gys.


  • Raquel Meller as Violetta
  • Suzanne Bianchetti as Eugénie de Montijo
  • André Roanne as Comte de Saint-Affremond
  • Jane Even as Comtesse de Saint-Affremond
  • Jimmy O'Kelly as Juan
  • Claude France as Mademoiselle de Perry-Fronsac
  • Roger San Juana as Manuel
  • Robert Guilbert as Duc de Morny
  • Sylviane de Castillo as Madame de Montijo
  • Mademoiselle Farnèse as Duchesse de Mondovi
  • Daurelly as Napoleon III
  • Albert Brouett as Docteur Malavert
  • Girardo as José
  • Danielle Vigneau as Petit frère de Violetta
  • Suzy Béryl as Dame d'honneur
  • Jacques Cabelli
  • Léon Courtois
  • Luc Dartagnan
  • Pierre Delmonde
  • Robby Guichard
  • Jean-Paul Le Tarare
  • Marais
  • Paulette Marchal
  • Laurent Morléas
  • Hietta Stella
  • Marie-Louise Voisin

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