Immer die Radfahrer

Immer die Radfahrer (Cyclists Forever) is a 1958 Austrian / West German comedy film directed by Hans Deppe.

Immer die Radfahrer
Directed byHans Deppe
Produced by
Written by
StarringSee below
Music byHans Lang
CinematographyElio Carniel
Edited byRenate Jelinek
  • Kurt Ulrich Filmproduktion (West Germany),
  • Wiener Mundus-Film (Austria)
Distributed byDeutsche Film Hansa (West Germany)
Release date
Running time
97 minutes

Plot summary

As students Fritz (Heinz Erhardt), Ulrich (Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff) and Johannes Wolf Albach-Retty went biking in Carinthia. Twenty-five years later they have made their ways. Fritz is a producer of alcoholic beverages, Ulrich is a stage actor and Johannes a teacher. When they look back at this biking tour they come across their mutual wish to feel once again as carefree as they did then. Consequently, the old friends decide altogether to take a time-out from all their duties and to enjoy themselves by repeating the endeavour. But things become complicated when Katinka, Fritz's future daughter-in-law, confronts him because she's mad about his son Robby (played by Peter Kraus). She decides to hide from Robby by joining the three friends. Fritz and Johannes' wives and Ulrich's girl-friend hear rumours about their partners getting involved with women along the way. So they pick up their trail and follow them secretly. Indeed, the men run into their old flings, unaware of being watched...



  • Polydor - "Mit Siebzehn" (Music: Werner Scharfenberger, lyrics: Fini Busch)
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