Iloilo Strait

The Iloilo Strait is a strait in the Philippines that separates the islands of Panay and Guimaras in the Visayas, and connects the Panay Gulf with the Guimaras Strait. It is the location of the Port of Iloilo, the third-busiest of the ports in the Philippines in number of ships.[1] Iloilo City on Panay is the major city located on the strait with Buenavista and Jordan, both on Guimaras, immediately across the strait from the city. The Iloilo River empties into the strait.

Iloilo Strait
Aerial view of the Iloilo Strait with Guimaras in the bottom right and Iloilo City in the center, showing the mouth of the Iloilo River.
RegionWestern Visayas
Physical characteristics
Length25 km (16 mi), NE-SW

Pumpboat ferries cross every few minutes from Iloilo City to Guimaras and vice versa. Ships doing business with the Port of Iloilo often moor in the strait.


The Port of Iloilo was opened for international trade in 1855 and the coming of British Vice-consul Nicholas Loney, a year later, led to the fast development of the sugar industry in the region.[2]


2GO Travel's ferry St. Gregory The Great nearly capsized on 15 June 2013, when it struck rocks under the water near the Siete Picados Islands.[3]

Iloilo Strait Tragedy

In midday of August 3, 2019, two motor boats "Chi-chi" (43 passengers onboard) & "Keziah 2" (with only 4 crews survived) bounded to Jordan, Guimaras were capsized due to strong monsoon winds enhanced by Tropical Depression "Hanna" (Int'l name Lekima). Several hours after an incident another motorboat from Buenavista, Guimaras named "Jenny Vince" (40 passengers onboard) were also capsized due to strong winds. 31 passengers were perished in tragedy. [4]

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