Illinois Route 9

Illinois Route 9 (IL 9) is a 218.31-mile-long (351.34 km) cross-state, east–west rural state highway in the central part of the U.S. state of Illinois. It travels from Niota at the Fort Madison Toll Bridge, that crosses the Mississippi River into Iowa, eastward across central Illinois to State Road 26 (SR 26) at the Indiana state line.

Illinois Route 9
IL 9 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by IDOT
Length218.31 mi[1] (351.34 km)
ExistedNovember 5, 1918[2]–present
Major junctions
West end Iowa 2 at the Iowa state line in Niota
East end SR 26 / SR 352 in Hoopeston
CountiesHancock, McDonough, Fulton, Peoria, Tazewell, McLean, Ford, Vermilion
Highway system
IL 8IL 10

Route description

IL 9 is a major arterial route in rural central Illinois. It is a parallel highway to IL 116 to the north and U.S. Route 136 (US 136) to its south. It is a two-lane highway for most of its length.

Illinois Route 9 runs eastward from the Mississippi River at the Fort Madison Toll Bridge to the Indiana state line near Cheneyville at SR 26 and SR 352. It crosses the Illinois River on the John T. McNaughton Bridge at Pekin, where it becomes known as Court Street in the city. It has an interchange with I-155 at Tremont; I-55/I-74 at Bloomington; and Interstate 57 (I-57) at Paxton.


IL 9 was established in 1918 as one of the original 46 State Bond Issue Route (SBI) routes. The routing of IL 9 has had two major changes since its establishment.

The original western terminus was in Hamilton, at the old Keokuk Rail Bridge completed in 1916 and then proceeded east through Carthage and Macomb (county seats of Hancock and McDonough counties), 9 miles (14 km) east of Macomb, southwest of New Philadelphia, the highway turned north to Bushnell and then proceeded east along the current IL 9 alignment to Canton, Peoria County, and Pekin.

  • US 136, Hamilton to New Philadelphia,
  • IL 41, New Philadelphia to Bushnell
  • IL 9, Bushnell to Indiana state line.

This current highway moved north to terminate in Niota at the Fort Madison Toll Bridge (longest double-deck swing-span bridge in the world) after its completion in July 1928. The route parallels the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway and Mississippi River to Dallas City then turns slightly southeast to LaHarpe. From LaHarpe, the highway parallels the original Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway right-of way to Bushnell.

From 1935 to 1937, IL 9 traveled a different route from Pekin to Bloomington, that original route is now posted as:


Portions of IL 9 are being considered for the IL 336 project from Peoria to Macomb.[3][4]

Major intersections

Mississippi River0.00.0
Great River Road to US 61 Business
Continuation into Iowa, historical Waubonsie Trail.
Fort Madison Toll Bridge
HancockNiota0.91.4 IL 96Western end of IL 96 concurrency
Dallas City7.311.7 IL 96Eastern end of IL 96 concurrency
14.022.5 IL 94Western end of IL 94 concurrency
LaHarpe20.032.2 IL 94Eastern end of IL 94 concurrency
McDonoughGood Hope40.064.4
US 67 / IL 110 (CKC)
Bushnell49.780.0 IL 41Western end of IL 41 concurrency
54.086.9 IL 41Eastern end of IL 41 concurrency
FultonCanton72.6116.8 IL 78
Banner80.8130.0 US 24Western end of US 24 concurrency
PeoriaOrchard Mines94.6152.2 US 24Eastern end of US 24 concurrency
Illinois River96.3155.0John T. McNaughton Bridge
TazewellPekin96.5155.3 IL 29 south (2nd Street)One-way street, outbound access only; western end of IL 29 concurrency
96.55155.38 IL 29 (3rd Street)One-way street, inbound access only
96.8155.8 IL 29 north (5th Street)Eastern end of IL 29 concurrency
Tremont107.0172.2 I-155 Lincoln, PeoriaI-155 exit 25
McLeanBloomington Heights131.0210.8 US 150 westWestern end of US 150 concurrency
133.0214.0 I-55 / I-74 / US 51 Springfield, Decatur, Champaign, Joliet, Rockford, PeoriaI-55 exit 160
US 51 Bus. south (Center Street) / Historic US 66
One-way street
US 51 Bus. north (Main Street) / Historic US 66
One-way street
135.5218.1 US 150 east (Clinton Street)Eastern end of US 150 concurrency
136219 I-55 Bus. (Veterans Parkway)
144232 IL 165 northSouthern terminus of IL 165
FordGibson City169272 IL 47 northWestern end of IL 47 concurrency
170270 IL 54 westWestern end of IL 54 concurrency
170.5274.4 IL 47 south (Sangamon Avenue)Eastern end of IL 47 concurrency
171275 IL 54 east (Lawrence Street)Western end of IL 54 concurrency; serves Gibson Area Hospital
181291 IL 115 northSouthern terminus of IL 115
Paxton183295 I-57 Champaign, KankakeeI-57 exit 261
183.8295.8 US 45 south (Railroad Avenue)Western end of US 45 concurrency
184296 US 45 north (Railroad Avenue)Eastern end of US 45 concurrency
VermilionRankin195314 IL 49
Hoopeston206332 IL 1
Grant Township215346 SR 26 east / SR 352 eastSR 26 continues into Indiana
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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