Illinois Route 33

Illinois Route 33 (IL 33) is a multidirectional highway in southeastern Illinois, with its western terminus at Illinois Route 128 on the FayetteEffingham county line near Beecher City and its southern terminus at U.S. Route 50 east of Lawrenceville. It also overlaps Illinois Route 32 from Shumway to Effingham. The eastwest portion of the highway is roughly 75 miles (121 km) long, and the northsouth portion is about 22 miles (35 km) in length. This makes for a total distance of 97.17 miles (156.38 km).[1]

Illinois Route 33
IL 33 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by IDOT
Length97.17 mi[1] (156.38 km)
ExistedNovember 5, 1918[2]–present
Major junctions
West end IL 128 in Beecher City
  I-57 / I-70 in Effingham
US 40 / US 45 / IL 32 in Effingham
South[3] end US 50 in Lawrenceville
CountiesEffingham, Jasper, Crawford, Lawrence
Highway system
IL 32US 34

Route description

Illinois 33 is a largely rural state highway. It runs east from near Beecher City to meet Illinois Route 32 in Shumway. Through Effingham it is Fayette Avenue and Willow Street. Continuing to the southeast, it runs through the small towns of Dieterich and Wheeler. It then travel through Newton and joins with Illinois Route 130 and goes north. Two miles north of Newton it branches off and travels east through Oblong and then to Robinson. In Palestine, the road runs along Washington and Franklin Streets before turning south on Jackson Street and leaving the city.

Illinois 33 continues south, parallel to the Wabash River and beneath U.S. Route 50. There is no intersection at this point.[3] Illinois 33 then travels west (along the old alignment of U.S. 50) and then back north to meet its terminus at a full interchange with U.S. 50.


SBI Route 33 originally was Effingham to Gordon (near Robinson). In 1937,[4] 1941 and 1948, extensions were made east to Palestine, west to Beecher City, and then south to U.S. 50 to complete the route.[2]

Major intersections

county line
0.00.0 IL 128Western terminus
Effingham10.416.7 IL 32 northWest end of IL 32 overlap
Effingham14.122.7 I-57 / I-70 Mt. Vernon, East St. Louis, Champaign, Terre HauteI-57 exit 160
15.224.5 US 40 west (Henrietta Street) / IL 32 endsEast end of IL 32 overlap; West end of US 40 overlap; Southern terminus of IL 32
15.825.4 US 45 south (Banker Street)West end of US 45 overlap
16.025.7 US 45 north (3rd Street)East end of US 45 overlap
16.226.1 US 40 east (Fayette Avenue)East end of US 40 overlap
JasperNewton39.363.2 IL 130 south (Van Buren Street)West end of IL 130 overlap
41.466.6 IL 130 northEast end of IL 130 overlap
47.876.9 IL 49 northSouthern terminus of IL 49
CrawfordGordon66.1106.4 IL 1
Lawrence97.17156.38 US 50 Lawrenceville, VincennesSouthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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