Illinois Route 267

Illinois Route 267 is a northsouth highway in the U.S. state of Illinois. It runs from U.S. Route 67 and Illinois Route 111 in Godfrey north to Illinois Route 104 and Business Interstate 72 (abbreviated BL 72) in Jacksonville. This is a distance of 59 miles (95 km).[1] However, the state of Illinois' 2006 data shows the length of Illinois 267 as 39.46 miles (63.50 km), which is the distance from the Illinois 111/267 wye north to BL 72 at Illinois 104.[2]

Illinois Route 267
Route information
Maintained by IDOT
Length59 mi[1] (95 km)
The distance reflects actual signage as of April 14, 2006. 2006 GIS data shows Illinois 267 to be 39.46 miles (63.50 km) long.[2]
Major junctions
South end US 67 / IL 111 in Godfrey
  I-72 / US 36 south of South Jacksonville
North end
I-72 Bus. / US 67 Bus. / IL 104 in Jacksonville
CountiesMadison, Jersey, Macoupin, Greene, Morgan
Highway system
IL 255I-270

Route description

Illinois 267 is a two-lane surface road for its entire length. It runs through the small towns of Brighton, Medora, Rockbridge and Greenfield.


The routing of Illinois 267 over its lifetime is directly related to the routing of U.S. 67 since the 1950s. This is because U.S. 67 has been used at times over both the western route through Carrollton and Jerseyville, and the eastern route through Brighton and Greenfield, with various alternates to U.S. 67 being used on the other routing during these times.

The western route originally was U.S. 67 until 1950. It became Alternate U.S. 67 from the 1950s through 1965 as U.S. 67 was moved to the eastern route. In 1965, the western route was renamed from Alt U.S. 67 to Illinois Route 267. In 2001, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) finished construction of the Jacksonville bypass (a four-lane freeway around the western edge of Jacksonville, north of Murrayville). As part of this project, IDOT reverted U.S. 67 south of Jacksonville to its original, western routing.

The eastern route was established as U.S. 67 in the mid 1950s, and continued as U.S. 67 through 2001. It then became Illinois 267 in 2001.[3] The southern terminus of Illinois 267 initially was in Medora at Illinois 111; between 2001 and 2006, it was extended south to reconnect to U.S. 67 in Godfrey, concurrent with Illinois 111.[1]

Around 2006, IDOT completed the U.S. 67 bypass south of I-72. U.S. 67 was then moved onto this new segment, and Illinois 267 extended north from Murrayville to Business I-72 in Jacksonville.

Major intersections

MadisonGodfrey0.00.0 US 67 (Godfrey Rd) / IL 111 southSouth end of IL 111 concurrency
0.20.32 IL 255IL 255 exit 20
No major junctions
Macoupin11.117.9 IL 16 Jerseyville, Gillespie
Medora15.324.6 IL 111 north WaverlyNorth end of IL 111 concurrency
No major junctions
Greene25.340.7 IL 108 Carrollton, Carlinville
MorganSouth Jacksonville52.183.8
I-72 / US 36 / US 67 Bus. south Quincy, Springfield
I-72 exit 64; south end of US 67 Business concurrency
I-72 Bus. / US 67 Bus. north / IL 104 Pittsfield, Quincy, Macomb, Springfield
North end of US 67 Business concurrency
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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