Illinois Fighting Illini baseball

The Illinois Fighting Illini baseball team is the varsity intercollegiate athletic team of the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign in Champaign, Illinois, United States. The team competes in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Division I and are members of the Big Ten Conference.

Illinois Fighting Illini baseball team
2020 Illinois Fighting Illini baseball team
UniversityUniversity of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
Head coachDan Hartleb (15th season)
ConferenceBig Ten
LocationChampaign, Illinois
Home stadiumIllinois Field
(Capacity: 3,000)
NicknameFighting Illini
ColorsOrange and Blue[1]
NCAA regional champions
NCAA Tournament appearances
1947, 1948, 1962, 1963, 1989, 1990, 1998, 2000, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2019
Conference tournament champions
1989, 1990, 2000, 2011
Conference champions
1900, 1903, 1904, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1910, 1911, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1921, 1922, 1927, 1931, 1934, 1937, 1940, 1947, 1948, 1952, 1953, 1962, 1963, 1989, 1990, 1998, 2005, 2011, 2015


Coaching history

Coach Years Record Conference
No Coach1879–18812–1
No Team18820–0
No Coach1883–189130–17–1
Edward K. Hall1892–189430–17
No Coach189510–4
George Huff1896–1919314–97–411
George Clark192016–8
Carl Lundgren1920–1934209–78–145
Wally Roettger1935–1951212–109–64
Lee Eilbracht1952–1978518–395–643
Tom Dedin1979–1987268–234–6
Augie Garrido1988–1990111–5722
Richard "Itch" Jones1991–2005474–373–122
Dan Hartleb2006–Present410-301-1187-14424
Totals 2,609-1,690-39
30 11


Year-by-year results

Year Head coach Overall Conference Conf. finish Notes
18791–0No Coach
18801–0No Coach
18810–1No Coach
1882No Team
18833–0No Coach
18841–1No Coach
18851–0No Coach
18864–2No Coach
18874–4No Coach
18883–4No Coach
18891–2–1No Coach
18905–3No Coach
18918–2No Coach
1892Ed Hall8–3
1893Ed Hall14–8
1894Ed Hall8–6
189510–4No Coach
1896George Huff15–42–43rd
1897George Huff6–53–3T-2nd
1898George Huff6–74–63rd
1899George Huff11–69–42nd
1900George Huff12–28–21stBig Ten Champions
1901George Huff12–76–43rd
1902George Huff12–48–32nd
1903George Huff17–111–11stBig Ten Champions
1904George Huff24–48–21stBig Ten Champions
1905George Huff14–57–52nd
1906George Huff13–38–31stBig Ten Champions
1907George Huff10–17–01stBig Ten Champions
1908George Huff11–311–31stBig Ten Champions
1909George Huff11–39–32nd
1910George Huff14–011–01stBig Ten Champions
1911George Huff18–214–11stBig Ten Champions
1912George Huff13–3–110–2–12nd
1913George Huff11–5–18–4T-2nd
1914George Huff11–7–17–31stBig Ten Champions
1915George Huff18–1–19–1–11stBig Ten Champions
1916George Huff17–58–11stBig Ten Champions
1917George Huff13–78–32nd
1918George Huff13–67–32nd
1919George Huff13–57–42nd
1920George Clark16–86–42nd
1921Carl Lundgren17–310–11stBig Ten Champions
1922Carl Lundgren17–2–18–21stBig Ten Champions
1923Carl Lundgren14–6–17–43rd
1924Carl Lundgren10–6–14–3–15th
1925Carl Lundgren12–86–5T-5th
1926Carl Lundgren16–7–17–4T-3rd
1927Carl Lundgren10–7–37–3–1T-1stBig Ten Champions
1928Carl Lundgren32–12–56–68th
1929Carl Lundgren13–7–26–54th
1930Carl Lundgren15–58–22nd
1931Carl Lundgren15–48–21stBig Ten Champions
1932Carl Lundgren10–57–32nd
1933Carl Lundgren13–38–2T-2nd
1934Carl Lundgren15–39–11stBig Ten Champions
1935Wally Roettger12–47–3T-2nd
1936Wally Roettger13–48–22nd
1937Wally Roettger14–39–11stBig Ten Champions
1938Wally Roettger8–84–4T-6th
1939Wally Roettger7–7–24–58th
1940Wally Roettger16–59–31stBig Ten Champions
1941Wally Roettger13–77–43rd
1942Wally Roettger9–95–7T-5th
1943Wally Roettger8–65–3T-3rd
1944Wally Roettger9–3–25–2–23rd
1945Wally Roettger10–10–16–5–14th
1946Wally Roettger13–86–3T-3rd
1947Wally Roettger22–69–31stBig Ten Champions
1948Wally Roettger20–7–110–21stBig Ten Champions
1949Wally Roettger9–8–16–5–15th
1950Wally Roettger13–66–5T-4th
1951Wally Roettger16–98–32nd
1952Lee Eilbracht20–11–110–5T-1stBig Ten Champions
1953Lee Eilbracht17–610–3T-1stBig Ten Champions
1954Lee Eilbracht16–154–11T-9th
1955Lee Eilbracht14–107–64th
1956Lee Eilbracht15–18–14–1110th
1957Lee Eilbracht17–97–4T-2nd
1958Lee Eilbracht18–108–64th
1959Lee Eilbracht22–99–6T-2nd
1960Lee Eilbracht21–106–87th
1961Lee Eilbracht22–89–44th
1962Lee Eilbracht25–613–21stBig Ten Champions
1963Lee Eilbracht21–1510–51stBig Ten Champions
1964Lee Eilbracht9–221–1410th
1965Lee Eilbracht14–98–65th
1966Lee Eilbracht14–145–76th
1967Lee Eilbracht17–215–119th
1968Lee Eilbracht18–197–106th
1969Lee Eilbracht22–2011–72nd
1970Lee Eilbracht19–16–18–10T-6th
1971Lee Eilbracht20–16–110–7–14th
1972Lee Eilbracht16–215–98th
1973Lee Eilbracht21–138–10T-7th
1974Lee Eilbracht27–119–74th
1975Lee Eilbracht25–17–14–11–19th
1976Lee Eilbracht20–223–1210th
1977Lee Eilbracht23–258–106th
1978Lee Eilbracht25–22–16–129th
1979Tom Dedin14–30–13–1510th
1980Tom Dedin18–336–10T-6th
1981Tom Dedin35–2611–32nd-West (4th Tourn.)
1982Tom Dedin49–2314–21st-West (4th Tourn.)
1983Tom Dedin23–24–26–9T-3rd-West
1984Tom Dedin22–303–105th-West
1985Tom Dedin46–2113–41st-West (4th Tourn.)
1986Tom Dedin33–20–28–84th-West
1987Tom Dedin32–249–7T-2nd-West
1988Augie Garrido26–2012–167th
1989Augie Garrido42–1617–11T-2ndBig Ten Tournament Champions
1990Augie Garrido43–2119–9T-2ndBig Ten Tournament Champions
1991Richard “Itch” Jones26–3013–157th
1992Richard “Itch” Jones36–2016–124th
1993Richard “Itch” Jones32–2312–16T-8th
1994Richard “Itch” Jones26–2612–16T-7th
1995Richard “Itch” Jones25–3114–14T-5th
1996Richard “Itch” Jones37–2217–103rd
1997Richard “Itch” Jones32–2717–11T-3rd
1998Richard “Itch” Jones42–2119–51stBig Ten Champions
1999Richard “Itch” Jones34–2215–123rd
2000Richard “Itch” Jones41–2317–11T-3rdBig Ten Tournament Champions
2001Richard “Itch” Jones29–2813–145th
2002Richard “Itch” Jones32–1914–15T-6th
2003Richard “Itch” Jones27–2612–198th
2004Richard “Itch” Jones22–3311–219th
2005Richard “Itch” Jones33–23–120–121stBig Ten Champions
2006Dan Hartleb29–2915–17T-5th
2007Dan Hartleb31–2716–145th
2008Dan Hartleb31–2516–154th
2009Dan Hartleb34–2016–84th
2010Dan Hartleb26–2610–149th
2011Dan Hartleb30–2715–91stBig Ten Champions
Big Ten Tournament Champions
2012Dan Hartleb28–2511–13T-6th
2013Dan Hartleb35–2014–10T-5th
2014Dan Hartleb32–2117–73rd
2015Dan Hartleb50–10–121–11stChampaign Regional Champions
Big Ten Champions
School record 50 wins
School & Big Ten record 27 straight wins
2016Dan Hartleb28–2312–12T-8th
2017Dan Hartleb23–289–1510th
2018 Dan Hartleb 33-20 15-9 4th _


NCAA Tournament results

Year Record Pct Notes
19470-1.000Eastern Playoff
19480-2.000Eastern Playoff
19621-2.333District 4
19633-2.600District 4
19891-2.333Northeast Regional
19902-2.500South II Regional
19983-2.600South I Regional
20001-2.333Clemson Regional
20112-2.500Fullerton Regional
20131-2.333Nashville Regional
20153-2.600Champaign Super Regional

Attendance records

Top Attendance Figures at Illinois Field[4]
Rank Attendance Opponent Date
1. 5,214 Ohio State May 8, 2009
2. 4,229 Iowa April 15, 1995
3. 4,019 Indiana April 17, 2015
4. 3,800 Michigan April 21, 1990
5. 3,767 Vanderbilt June 8, 2015
6. 3,605 Vanderbilt June 6, 2015
7. 3,398 Ohio May 29, 2015
8. 3,394 Northwestern April 16, 1994
9. 3,185 Indiana April 27, 2014
10. 3,125 Indiana April 18, 2015

Retired numbers

Fighting Illini in professional baseball
Total Currently Playing: 6[5]
All-Time Total MLB Players 73[6]
Total Currently Playing: 1
Notable achievements
Illini in the World Series: 8
Number of World Series Titles
Claimed by Illini:
National Baseball Hall of Famers: 1
Illinois Fighting Illini retired numbers
No. Player Position Career
5Lou Boudreau3B1937–1938

Current MLB players

Individual honors

Player of the year awards


Note that information below is referenced from Illinois Fighting Illini Media Guide.[9]

Illini in the World Series


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