Il mio amico Benito

Il mio amico Benito (Italian for "My friend Benito") is a 1962 commedia all'italiana film directed by Giorgio Bianchi.[1][2]

Il mio amico Benito
Directed byGiorgio Bianchi
Written byAmleto Nobili
Luigi Magni
Stefano Strucchi
Oreste Biancoli
Giorgio Bianchi
Marino Girolami
Dino Risi
Music byArmando Trovajoli
CinematographyTino Santoni
Release date


Peppino Di Gennaro is a simple clerk who wants to make a career without success. After a friend gave him a photo taken during the First World War that shows him together with Benito Mussolini, he tries to take advantage of it getting an invitation from Duce, but the OVRA stops him every time. After numerous failed attempts he eventually succeeds in entering his office in the exact moment Mussolini was on the balcony announcing the Italian entry into the war; disappointed and embittered, Peppino goes away destroying the photo.



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