Ich heirate eine Familie

Ich heirate eine Familie (I married a family) is a television series of German television station ZDF, aired from 1983 to 1986. 14 episodes, including three long episodes were produced. Now these are aired mostly in two parts, so there is a 14 -, as well as a 17 episode version of the series. Curth Flatow wrote the screenplays, directed by Peter Weck. The film's music is composed by Alain Goraguer.

The divorced Angelika "Angi" Graf (Thekla Carola Wied) lives in Berlin with her three children, teenager Tanja (Julia Biedermann) and younger boys Markus and Tom where she runs a small children's boutique called "Boutique for little people". Her friends Sybille "Bille" (Maria Sebaldt) and Alfons Vonhoff (Herbert Bötticher) are convinced that Angi needs a new man in her life. So they try to match-make her with Vienna-born commercial artist Werner Schumann (Peter Weck) who is a times divorcee himself and is being watched over by an overly protective jealous housekeeper Mrs. Raabe (Bruni Löbel).

Bille and Alfons' idea first does not go to plan when Werner unexpectedly brings his current liaison to the party they had organized to bring Angi and Werner together. However Angi and Werner get acquainted with each other and end up secretly dating, unknown to their mutual friend who tried to match-make them. But Werner does not know that Angi has three kids. When he eventually proposes to Angi she has to confess that she is not on her own. A few days later she invites Werner to her youngest son Tom's birthday party so he can meet her 3 children. He takes a liking to the kids and wows to wed Angi and her entire family (therefore the title "Ich heirate eine Familie" - I am marrying a family). Angi and her children move into Werner's house and Werner discovers what life with a sudden big family means. Torn from his sleep early in the morning by noisy school children, Werner soon experiences how children's illnesses, an addition to the family, a move into a new house, Markus running away, Werner's 50th birthday, pubescent Tanja discovering boys and having a wild birthday party, a winter journey to the snow and one into the sun and Angi's new career keep life turbulent for the Schumanns.

The screenplay includes strong dialogue of wit and irony and ensures some slapstick. Above all the representation of Werner and his Vienna's charm is a pillar of the story.

In contrast to Schumann's happy marriage are their wealthy friends Bille & Alfons. She is a quite quirky character who lives in a big house with her husband, likes the nice things in life like holidays, expensive clothes, furs and jewelry. Alfons, who owns a big prosperous supermarket chain and cannot resist to philander with young women. Guilt-ridden he often bribes his wife of 20-odd years back in his arms with yet another fur, ring or flowers. They also have their loveable moments, but greatly add to the comical side of the series with their little tiffs.

Flatow processed autobiographical experiences in his script because he had married a woman with several children. The role of the Werner Schumann was originally set to be played by Harald Juhnke, and Peter Weck directing. But Juhnkes alcohol problems prevented his commitment. And so Peter Weck took over the role.

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