Ian Robb

Ian Robb is an English-born folk singer, currently based in Ottawa, Ontario. He was a founding member of Friends of Fiddler's Green, and a columnist for Sing Out! He is also a member of the Canadian folk trio Finest Kind. He wrote a parody of Stan Rogers song "Barrett's Privateers", titled "Garnet's Homemade Beer".[1] He was the recipient of the 2005 Canadian Folk Music Award for Best Traditional Singer, for his work on the CD Jiig.[2]

Ian Robb
GenresFolk music
Years active1976–current
LabelsFallen Angle, Folk Legacy
Associated actsFriends of Fiddler's Green, Finest Kind, Jiig, Old Sod Band

Notable songs written by Robb


Solo CDs
CDs as part of Finest Kind
  • Lost in a Song 1996
  • Heart's Delight 1999
  • Silks& Spices 2004
  • Feasts & Spirits (with John D. Huston) 2004
  • For Honour & For Gain 2010
Other CDs
  • Ian Robb and Hang the Piper with Grit Laskin, Seamus McGuire, John Goodman, Terry Rudden, 1979
  • Margaret Christl & Ian Robb with Grit Laskin The Barley Grain for Me 1998
CD as part of jJiig


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