Ian Palangio

Ian Palangio (born November 21, 1972 in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada) is an Australian curler originally from Canada.

Ian Palangio
Born (1972-11-21) 21 November 1972
Curling clubSydney Harbour CC[1]
SkipDean Hewitt
ThirdJay Merchant
SecondRupert Jones
LeadIan Palangio
AlternateSteve Johns
Member Association Ontario (1999-2000)
 Australia (2001-present)
World Championship
4 (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)
World Mixed Doubles Championship
2 (2014, 2016)
Pacific-Asia Championship
16 (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
Other appearancesWorld Mixed Curling Championship: 1 (2015)

He works for Australian Curling Federation as board member and Federation's web site main editor.[2]

Outside of curling he is software developer.[3]

Teammates and events

1999–00Frank O'DriscollIan PalangioCraig CordinerBrian Norman
2001–02Hugh MillikinIan PalangioJohn TheriaultSteve JohnsPCC 2001
2002–03Hugh MillikinIan PalangioJohn TheriaultSteve JohnsSteve HewittPCC 2002
2003–04Ian PalangioHugh MillikinJohn TheriaultSteve JohnsRicky TaskerPCC 2003
2004–05Hugh MillikinIan PalangioJohn TheriaultSteve JohnsPCC 2004
2004–05Ian PalangioHugh MillikinJohn TheriaultSteve JohnsSteve HewittWMCC 2005 (10th)
2005–06Ian PalangioHugh MillikinRicky TaskerMike WoloschukPCC 2005
2005–06Hugh MillikinRicky TaskerMike WoloschukSteve JohnsIan PalangioEarle MorrisWMCC 2006 (9th)
2006–07Ian PalangioHugh MillikinSean HallMike WoloschukDavid ImlahEarle MorrisPCC 2006
WMCC 2007 (10th)
2007–08Ian PalangioHugh MillikinSean HallSteve JohnsSteve Hewitt (PCC)
David Imlah (WMCC)
Earle MorrisPCC 2007
WMCC 2008 (6th)
2008–09Ian PalangioHugh MillikinSean HallSteve JohnsSteve HewittEarle MorrisPCC 2008 (5th)
2009–10Ian PalangioHugh MillikinJohn TheriaultTed BassetPCC 2009 (4th)
2010–11Ian PalangioHugh MillikinSteve JohnsDon GlendinningAMCC 2010
2010–11Ian PalangioHugh MillikinJohn TheriaultMatt PanoussiVaughan RosierJay MerchantPCC 2010
2012–13Ian PalangioHugh MillikinSean HallSteve JohnsAngus YoungAngus YoungPACC 2012
2013–14Ian PalangioHugh MillikinDuncan ClarkAngus YoungPACC 2013 (6th)
2014–15Ian PalangioJay MerchantDean HewittSteve JohnsArchie MerchantPACC 2014 (4th)
2015–16Ian PalangioJay MerchantDean HewittDerek SmithArchie MerchantPACC 2015 (5th)
2016–17Ian PalangioJay MerchantDean HewittDerek SmithArchie MerchantPACC 2016 (7th)
2017–18Dean HewittIan PalangioChristopher OrdogHugh MillikinJay MerchantArchie MerchantPACC 2017 (4th)
2018–19Dean HewittJay MerchantRupert JonesIan PalangioSteve JohnsAMCC 2018
Mixed curling
2015–16Ian PalangioKim ForgeSteve JohnsAnne PowellAMxCC 2015 [4]
WMxCC 2015 (29th)
Mixed doubles curling
2013–14Ian PalangioLaurie WeedenCarlee MillikinWMDCC 2014 (12th)
2014–15Ian PalangioLaurie WeedenAMDCC 2014
2015–16Ian PalangioLaurie WeedenAMDCC 2015 [5]
WMDCC 2016 (31st)

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