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Iain Philip Stables is a New Zealand radio disc jockey. In the past Stables worked on various radio stations across New Zealand beginning his radio career on Radio Windy in Wellington at the age of 14.[1] As well as radio, Stables has appeared in several television roles including being the 'bad boy' judge on NZ Idol Series 3 in 2006. He has had regular TV guest appearances on the former Good Morning Show, Shock Treatment TV2, main judge/personality on TVNZ's One Night Only (10 eps) which was an entertainment showcase version of Top Town on TV2, 2010/11.

Iain Stables
Iain Philip Stables

CountryNew Zealand
Previous show(s)Drive on Hit Radio X105

Drive ZM Network

Drive The Edge


During his radio career Stables worked for a total of 16 radio stations in New Zealand and was fired from four. In the past Stables worked on two of New Zealand's largest radio networks ZM between 2003 and 2008 and before this on opposition station The Edge FM between 1995 through to 2002. It was at The Edge that Stables performed most of his stunts and his name became well known across New Zealand. Stables left The Edge in early 2002 moving to opposition ZM radio station . On 24 February 2008, Stables announced to the Sunday News that he was no longer working for ZM, and has been taken off the air.[2] After leaving ZM, Stables within a month, was appointed a role at Sky TV NZ where he worked as a presentation director before being approached to head independent CHR station Hit Radio X105 in November 2009. Rumours began late in July 2010 that Stables could be moving to Radio Hauraki.[3]

Hit Radio X105 went off the air on 14 September 2010. Stables was due to begin working on Radio Hauraki on 11 October 2010. However, this was delayed after Stables became involved in a physical confrontation with a male check-in employee of the airline Jetstar after a verbal altercation.[4][5][6][7] Stables was stood down from his position following the fight with the Jetstar employee. A month later Stables contract with Radio Hauraki was terminated. According to a New Zealand Herald article Stables had a clause in his contract stating it would be terminated if Stables became involved in any court action.[8] The Jetstar employee was found not guilty of assaulting Stables, who was judged to be aggressive and abusive, and allegedly used a racist slur.[9] An industry source said Stables and The Radio Network (who owns Radio Hauraki) had come to an arrangement and no legal action ensued. ARN Australia are a major advertising platform for Qantas that own Jetstar. Both ARN and TRN are owned by Clear Channel Communications USA. A Sydney newspaper article suggested Stables had become a sacrificial lamb due to all the global negative publicity for Jetstar which included graphic video footage broadcast on Australian TV Networks causing much humiliation for the Qantas subsidiary.[10]


Stables' stunts that have landed him in troubled have included:

  • In September 2000, Stables was sued for Defamation of Character by TV presenter April Ieremia for stating that he was married to the presenter, on his profile page, on The Edge website. His comments included not only saying that he was married to April but also that he 'Did it with her on the TV2 bus'. Other comments on Stables profile page stated that Stables liked working for The Edge most because he could steal CDs to support his drug problem, and stated that when he grows up he would like to be the 'TV2 Bus Driver'.[11]
  • In September 2000, Stables was convicted and fined $1100 after impersonating a detective from Interpol. He called Los Angeles police and claimed his co-workers Jason Reeves, JJ Feeney and Clark Gayford were trying to enter the United States with kiwi eggs hidden in their "rear cavities". The trio were subsequently held for two hours at LA Airport, questioned and searched. Stables appeared in court wearing a Superman outfit, saying: "You can't put a Superhero in prison".[12]
  • In October, 2001, Stables again found himself in court after holding a "Kiss My Arse for a Backstage Pass" contest. Stables dropped his pants and got a woman to kiss his bottom in front of 10,000 people at Hamilton's Summer Jam Concert.
  • In February, 2002 Stables called Beach FM in Kapiti stating he was a Police Officer and had a traffic report to read out. When the announcer allowed Stables to read out his report on air, Stables told listeners if they are stuck in the traffic jam they can help pass the time by 'playing with themselves'.
  • In September, 2003, the Broadcasting Complaints Authority upheld a complaint against Stables for inciting "bus rage" while on air. The complaint came after Stables called for passengers to dance, rip up seats, or leave chewing gum on buses if they were angry with a bus company's service.
  • In February 2005, after Paul Holmes planted a new Pohutukawa Tree on One Tree Hill in Auckland which was later removed by the Auckland City Council, Stables decided to erect a Swingball Set on One Tree Hill as a replacement for the original tree that was cut down in 2000, the Swingball pole was mounted in 90 kg of concrete. Stables felt a Swingball Set was the fitting replacement for the tree that once stood in this location as the Swingball is a true Kiwi icon and could be enjoyed by generations to come. Unfortunately the Auckland City Council had different views on this and the Swingball set was removed. In protest New Zealanders around the country all played Swingball, ZM ran Swingball competitions all around New Zealand with mayors in various regions getting in behind the event[13][14]
  • In July 2006, while judging NZ Idol, Stables told an applicant that she "was no good at singing but would make an excellent 'Shag'". The applicant complained about Stables remarks, and as a result, the organisers allowed the applicant through to the next round, but she was eliminated in the following round where Stables had been stood down from judging.
  • In September 2007, Stables played a parody song, "Dear Mr Helen Clark" (based on Pink's song "Dear Mr President") that included a reference to a rumour of the behaviour of Peter Davis, the Husband of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, on a private trip to the United States. The song was removed from airplay as it did not meet New Zealand broadcasting standards requiring broadcasts be truthful.
  • In January 2010, Stables assisted X105 workmate Warwick Slow into gatecrashing a party held for Prince William at Premier House in Wellington. The party was to show the Prince a true New Zealand barbecue and when Stables realised that "Sizzlers" (a brand of New Zealand sausages) weren't on the menu Stables sent workmate Slow to Premier House armed with a pack of Sizzlers and a loaf of Bread. Slow managed to gain entry by jumping the fence and was on the ground for eight minutes before being removed from the premises by Police. Stables conversed with Slow throughout the time via cellphone until the phone was confiscated by Police.[15]


Stables was the winner in the category Best Non-Breakfast Host or Hosts (Metropolitan) at the New Zealand Radio Awards in 2007.[16] Stables created a stir with his offensive acceptance speech with remarks aimed at his former employer Canwest MediaWorks, Stables speech prompted the Radio Broadcasters Association to adopt a Code of Conduct for all attending the awards including acceptable guidelines for acceptance speeches.[17] It was understood that Stables had been stood down from his job at ZM following the awards but this was untrue as Stables was simply on leave at the time of the awards and prior to the awards [18] Stables did not return to work until late in July 2007.[19] This is the only known award that Stables has won.

Recent Appearances

A month after his departure from ZM, Stables appeared on Jono's New Show on C4.[20]

Later in 2008 Stables next appearance was on the TVNZ show Shock Treatment where he was sent to Jamaica to partake in military training. However, he left the show after only one day - the first Kiwi celebrity to quit the show. [21] Stables also appeared on the TVNZ show The Sitting, which screens on TVNZ 6, on this show Stables spoke about himself while Painter Marty Welch painted Stables portrait.[22]


In 2003 ZM and Stables released their own album called Stables Label Volume 3. It is unknown if there ever was a Volume 1 or 2. The Album features parodies of popular songs created by Stables and other ZM announcers.

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