I Musici

I Musici (pronounced [iˈmuːzitʃi]), also known as I Musici di Roma, is an Italian chamber orchestra from Rome formed in 1951.[1] They are well known for their interpretations of Baroque and other works, particularly Antonio Vivaldi and Tomaso Albinoni.

I Musici
Chamber orchestra
Members of I Musici on a visit to Israel, 1962
Founded1951 (1951)

Among their engagements, the original chamber orchestra completed acclaimed tours of Southern Africa 1956, and again in 1967, with a few replacement performers[2]

In the 1970s, I Musici recorded the first classical music video and, later, the group was the first to record a compact disc for the Philips label.[1]

One of their founding members and first violin, Felix Ayo, is still an active violinist as of 2017.


I Musici consists of a group of string instruments and one harpsichord. The strings include 6 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, and one double bass.


I Musici is a conductorless ensemble; the relationships among the twelve musicians enable great harmony in their music-making.

I Musici today

  • Violins: Antonio Anselmi, Marco Serino, Ettore Pellegrino, Pasquale Pellegrino, Francesca Vicari, Gian Luca Apostoli
  • Viola: Massimo Paris, Silvio Di Rocco
  • Celli: Vito Paternoster, Pietro Bosna
  • Double bass: Roberto Gambioli
  • Harpsichord: Francesco Buccarella

Former members

  • Violins: Salvatore Accardo, Federico Agostini, Felix Ayo, Arnaldo Apostoli, Claudio Buccarella, Pina Carmirelli, Italo Colandrea, Anna Maria Cotogni, Walter Gallozzi, Roberto Michelucci, Antonio Salvatore, Virgil Simons, Mariana Sirbu, Franco Tamponi, Luciano Vicari
  • Violas: Dino Asciolla, Aldo Bennici, Paolo Centurioni, Carmen Franco, Alfonso Ghedin, Bruno Giuranna
  • Celli: Enzo Altobelli, Mario Centurione, Francesco Strano
  • Double bass: Lucio Buccarella
  • Harpsichord: Maria Teresa Garatti


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