I Met My Love Again

I Met My Love Again is a 1938 American romantic drama film distributed by United Artists, directed by Joshua Logan, Arthur Ripley and George Cukor. The screenplay was written by David Hertz, based on the novel Summer Lightning by Allene Corliss. The film stars Joan Bennett and Henry Fonda.

I Met My Love Again
Directed byJoshua Logan
Arthur Ripley
George Cukor (uncredited)
Produced byWalter Wanger
Screenplay byDavid Hertz
Based onSummer Lightning
1936 novel
by Allene Corliss
StarringJoan Bennett
Henry Fonda
Music byHeinz Roemheld (uncredited)
CinematographyHal Mohr
Edited byOtho Lovering
Edward Mann
Walter Wanger Productions
Distributed byUnited Artists
Release date
  • January 14, 1938 (1938-01-14)
Running time
77 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$416,687[1]


The film begins with Julie (Joan Bennett) and Ives (Henry Fonda), who are two teen sweethearts, on a walk together. They declare they love each other and want to get married as soon as Ives has earned enough money for them to live on.

The following Christmas, Julie is out in town with her friend, buying provisions for a Christmas party. Although there is a blizzard, the girls wager on who can reach home first; Julie takes the mountain road. She gets lost in the storm and her family and Ives begin to panic. She finds a small cottage, rented by pulp fiction writer Michael Shaw (Alan Marshal). He seduces her and the next morning they marry and elope to Paris.

Ten unhappy years pass for Julie and Ives. When Michael is shot in a brawl, Julie returns to her hometown with her daughter, Michael. Ives has become a college professor and the two meet curtly. One of Ives' students, Brenda Lane (Louise Platt), has developed a massive crush on her teacher, and professes her love for him. Brenda uses almost the exact words Ives used to Julie ten years previously when she describes her love for him, and suddenly he realizes he still loves Julie. He rejects Brenda and invites Julie to the school prom with him.

During the evening, they find their love has re-blossomed, but it is ruined when Brenda makes a scene. Someone takes Brenda home and Julie and Ives decide to leave, but they also decide to get married as soon as possible.

When they arrive home, a man arrives with Brenda claiming she tried to hang herself after the party. Ives declares he can't marry Julie if Brenda is prepared to die for love of him. Julie, distraught, rushes out to the car where Brenda is waiting and begins to drive it at high speeds, claiming she is going to kill them both as neither of them can have Ives. Brenda begs her not to do it, claiming she didn't really try to kill herself, and only pretended to do so to get Ives back for rejecting her.

Julie and Ives get married at long last.



The film was known as Carelessly.[2]


The film didn't make a profit, but lost $64,104.[1]

Holt and Fonda reprised their roles on a radio dramatisation of the film on Hollywood Hotel.[3]


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