I Luv My India

I Luv My India is an Indian comedy television series, which made its debut in 2012 on SAB TV.[1] It is created by Tony Singh and Deeya Singh’s DJ’s A Creative Unit and deals with the theme, "What happens when the west meets the east?" highlighting Indian value systems.[2][3] The public launch function took place at Dilli Haat.[4][5]

I Luv My India
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Created byDJ's Creative Unit
Written byDamini K Shetty
Raaj Shetty
S Farhan
Directed byMeesha D Gautam
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes60
Producer(s)Tony Singh
Deeya Singh
Running timeapproximately 24 minutes
Original networkSAB TV
Original release20 February (2012-02-20) 
11 May 2012 (2012-05-11)
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The story is based on a NRI family which has been far away from Indian culture and India is suddenly forced to come back and adjust to all things Indian. It won’t be hard to guess that it would be complete chaos. This is exactly the scenario where the Sethi family, who has been living in London for years, come back to India temporarily and then stay forever, and soon fall into several problems.


Himani ShivpuriDeep SethiShe is the grandmother of Prem, Dimple and Jazzy, and a typical Punjabi housewife, a caring mother, hardcore patriot and complete Indian by heart. She believes that Indian culture is the best but is upset that her own family doesn’t follow it. She still tries to infuse them with Indian culture. She gets hyper and takes a lot of tension regarding the Indian-ness issue and doesn’t like if somebody discourages to follow Indian culture. She wants her eldest grandson Prem to marry an Indian girl from Punjab so that at least there is someone after her who will try to infuse some Indian-ness in her family.
Arun BaliPremnath SethiHe is the grandfather of Prem, Dimple and Jazzy, and the eldest among the Sethi family who is living in London for the past 45 years after he had to sell off all his property for his sister’s marriage. He believes in hard work, is a loving husband, stable, cool headed, adaptable, fun loving person, doesn’t like people who brag about themselves and is sarcastic with them. Premnath considers himself a British national first because he believes that London made him what he is today and it is his karmabhoomi. When it comes to India he can’t hear a word against it.
Imran KhanRavinder SethiHe is Premnath’s eldest son and a responsible son of the family who has run the family business with Premnaths close to his mother and has a little Indian-ness in him as he is the only son who has seen India and played in the fields. After his marriage, he dances on his wife's tunes who has made him realise that being British and thinking like them is right because they should follow the culture where they live. He is always torn between his wife and mother as both want him to listen. He tries to stay away from their clashes as he knows both his wife and mother are right in their own space.
Dilnaz IraniVinny SethiShe is Ravinder’s wife and a very sophisticated British Indian whose generations have been in London and have no idea about India or Indian culture. Vinny is very British in her behaviour right from talking to eating to dressing. She respects her mother-in-law but doesn’t like when she forces them to follow Indian culture due to she ends up having a casual clash on the topic.
Ayaz AhmedPrem SethiHe is the protagonist and Ravinder and Vinny’s son. He is the most ladla grandson of Sethi family He is smart, intelligent and ambitious about extending his grandfather’s business. He knows that in the end he has to join the family business so he wants to take it slow, doesn’t want to rush into things, enjoy his life and is a bit confused soul like any young blood. Prem though his thought is like any British youngsters who parties, has a British girlfriend. A bit stubborn and is not fond of India as he has heard stories about India from his friends but somewhere there is a hidden Indian inside him who is jumping to come out. He loves his Dad i(grandma) and Dada (grandpa) a lot and listens to them.
Indresh MalikRajinder SethiHe is Premnath’s second son and is the laziest and the most laidback person of the house, as a youngster work under his brothers shadow then tried his luck in few of his own establishments but failed miserably. Has become so negative that he blames his Indian roots for the failure in the business, feels that if he would have been a Britisher then his business would have been successful. When told to join family business gives an excuse that he is insomniac doesn’t get sleep in the night but the real reason is that he is always either eating, sleeping or watching TV the entire day due to which he is sleepless in the night. Always says that when he starts sleeping in the night he will start working. Premnath is a little fed up and given up on him.
Anjali MukhiSimran Sethi a.k.a. SimmiShe is Rajinder’s wife and a very loud, outspoken lady and a wannabe British obsessed with her own beauty. Simmi shifted to London for a few years before her marriage and wanted to be Miss India but couldn't and now pushing her daughter to compete for Miss Britain. She thinks she is more beautiful than her daughter. Has a fake accent and tries to use big English words although she doesn’t know their meaning. The youngsters of the house always correct her though she feels that they are just fooling her. She always wants to prove that she is better that Sweety and tries to imitate her.
(Rishi dev sharma)Jazzy SethiHe is Rajinder’s son and a 16-year-old teenage son; he bores his entire family with his rap and talks in rap even in the toughest situation. He also makes rap of every possible old Bollywood songs which irritates his grandfather but deep encourages him, as at least he is improving his Hindi. He has a dream of becoming the next Punjabi pop star of UK and has a college band which jam in his house most of the time.
(unknown)DimpleShe is Rajinder’s daughter and Jazzy's sister. She is a very simple girl with no ambition in life but she is forced to fulfill her mother’s dream. She hates when her mother puts her on a diet and makes her eats tasteless food so that she doesn’t put on weight and her skin remains good. She always tries to eat junk food secretly and she doesn’t care about her weight or skin. Dimple's only dream is to marry a wealthy loving guy and have babies.
Rohan TiwariSurinder Sethi a.k.a. SamHe is Premnath’s youngest son and has crossed 35 years of age but has still not completed his MBBS. He gives free advice about medicines to his family that are always wrong. Most of the time he can’t remember the names of the medicines and mixes it up. He decided to become a doctor because he thought that God has sent him to serve people on earth. His only dream is to become a doctor and marry his one and only girlfriend, who was his colleague in college but she ditched him. Later she became a doctor. Sam now quickly wants to get his degree and marry some girl as he has almost crossed his marriageable age.
(unknown)HarbanHarban is Premnath's sister in Punjab, who has been asked to look for a girl for Prem in India. Harban immediately takes the responsibility to find a girl as she doesn’t want them to come to India. She fears that if they come back she might lose all the property her brother gave her, for her, to look after. This fears her future and the future of her son, Jagtap who desperately and comically dreams of being an NRI.
Archana TaidePammiThe ayurvedic Hakim’s daughter Pammi is a beautiful, vivacious girl with Indian values and integrity. She is a perfect match for Prem, as she knows her culture and tradition well and is the kind of girl who Prem’s dadi (Deep) is looking out for. She is a girl who believes in god and humanity. She will fight for what is right and can’t listen anything against her country and will defend it with full passion. She respects deep and Premnath as they had helped her father set up the ayurvedic centre.


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