I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg (1926 film)

I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg (German: Ich hab mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren) is a 1926 German silent film directed by Arthur Bergen and starring Emil Höfer, Gertrud de Lalsky and Werner Fuetterer. The title alludes to the popular 1925 song I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg composed by Fred Raymond with lyrics by Fritz Löhner-Beda and Ernst Neubach.[1] The film taps into the nostalgic reputation of Old Heidelberg.

I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg
Werner Fuetterer and Dorothea Wieck in an advertising postcard for the film
Directed byArthur Bergen
Written byMax Ferner
StarringEmil Höfer
Gertrud de Lalsky
Werner Fuetterer
Mary Parker
Music byHans May
CinematographyFranz Koch
Distributed byBavaria Film
Release date
13 July 1926
German intertitles


  • Emil Höfer as Pastor Schönhoff
  • Gertrud de Lalsky as Sophie, seine Frau
  • Werner Fuetterer as Rudolf - sein Sohn
  • Mary Parker as Charlotte, seine Tochter
  • Sylvester Bauriedl as Fritz Merkelbach - Cand.med. Erstchargierter
  • Harry Halm as Alex Winkler, Fuchsmajor
  • Karl Platen as Georg Schröder - Corpsdiener
  • Dorothea Wieck as Klärchen - seine Tochter
  • Viktor Gehring as Ingenieur Frank
  • Carla Färber as Trude - Klärchens Freundin
  • I.W. Lautsch as Bornschläger
  • Maria Meyerhofer as seine Frau
  • Josef Eichheim as Schneidermeister Stenglein
  • Else Kündinger as seine Frau
  • Frau Heuberger-Schönemann as Frau Klinger
  • Georg Irmer as Fritz Merkelbach


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