I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You

"I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You" is a 1932 song recorded by Bing Crosby with Orchestral Accompaniment. The music was composed by Victor Young, with lyrics written by Ned Washington and Bing Crosby. The song is a jazz and pop standard recorded by many different artists.[1][2]

The song was recorded on October 14, 1932 by Bing Crosby in New York with Orchestral Accompaniment.[3] Bing Crosby was accompanied by the ARC Brunswick Studio Orchestra led by Lennie Hayton, who also played the piano. Two master versions were recorded: B12474-A at 3:12 and B12474-B at 3:18. The recording was released as a 78 single as Brunswick 6454, b/w "Just an Echo in the Valley", and Columbia DB-2030, b/w "Cabin in the Cotton", and as a 45, Columbia 39524, b/w "Temptation". The Brunswick recording charted on January 21, 1933, reaching no. 5 on the US chart.[4]

Crosby performed the song in the 1933 film short Please directed by Arvid E. Gillstrom[5] and he re-recorded the song in 1954 for his album Bing: A Musical Autobiography.

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