I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)

"I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)" is a 1931 popular song.

The music was written by Fred E. Ahlert, the lyrics by Roy Turk. The song was published in 1931. It had three periods of great popularity: in 1931, right after its publication; in 1946; and in 1961[1] into 1962.

In 1931, the biggest-selling version was either by Russ Columbo[1] or by Wayne King;[2] both versions and recordings by Benny Krueger's orchestra (with a vocal by Smith Ballew) and by Kate Smith all had significant popularity.[1]

In 1946, three versions, by Tommy Dorsey's orchestra (with a vocal by Stuart Foster), by Frank Sinatra, and by Skinnay Ennis, all contended for popularity.[1]

In 1961, a US hit recording was issued by Linda Scott. It reached a peak position #12 in 8 weeks on the Billboard chart;[3][4] in early 1962, Eden Kane reached the British Top 10 with his version.

The song has been recorded by many artists (ranging from country-blues legends like Moon Mullican and Jerry Lee Lewis to Dean Martin) and is now a standard.

Recorded versions


It was translated into French and performed as "Je ne sais pas pourquoi" by Georges Beauchemin in 1932, and Charles Trenet in 1946.[36]


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