I Believe in You (film)

I Believe in You is a 1952 film directed by Michael Relph and Basil Dearden.[1] It stars Celia Johnson and Cecil Parker[2] and is based on the book Court Circular by Sewell Stokes. Inspired by the recently successful The Blue Lamp, Relph and Dearden used a semi-documentary approach in telling the story of the lives of probation officers and their charges.[3]

I Believe in You
Directed byBasil Dearden
Michael Relph
Produced byMichael Relph
Basil Dearden
Written byBasil Dearden
Nicholas Phipps
Michael Relph
Jack Whittingham
StarringCelia Johnson
Cecil Parker
Joan Collins
Music byErnest Irving
CinematographyGordon Dines
Edited byPeter Tanner
Distributed byGeneral Film Distributors
Release date
5 March 1952
Running time
95 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


Henry Phipps a retired Colonial Serviceman takes on the job of a probation officer, and finds it a challenge. Various characters lives are examined as Phipps and his colleagues attempt to reform (amongst others), a hardened criminal and a juvenile delinquent.[1][3]


Critical reception

  • The New York Times wrote, "it shines with understanding and, except for a brash climactic moment, it is a warm and adult adventure, which pins deserving medals on unsung heroes without heroics."[4]
  • Allmovie wrote, "the semi-documentary approach established early in I Believe in You gives way to sentiment as the film winds down."[3]
  • TV Guide noted, "an engaging drama with surprisingly good performances from (Joan) Collins, (Harry) Fowler, and (Laurence) Harvey."[5]


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