I Am a Fugitive

I Am a Fugitive (Spanish: Soy un prófugo) is a 1946 Mexican comedy film directed by Miguel M. Delgado and starring Cantinflas, Emilia Guiú and Daniel "Chino" Herrera.[1] The film's sets were designed by Manuel Fontanals.

I Am a Fugitive
Directed byMiguel M. Delgado
Written byArnold Lipp
Hans Wilhelm
Jaime Salvador
Miguel M. Delgado
Emilia Guiú
Daniel "Chino" Herrera
Music byGonzalo Curiel
CinematographyJack Draper
Edited byJorge Bustos
Cora Films
Release date
11 March 1946


A janitor in a large bank is accused of pulling of a major heist. He is forced to become a fugitive while hunting for the real culprits.


  • Cantinflas as Cantinflas
  • Emilia Guiú as Raquel
  • Daniel "Chino" Herrera as Carmelo
  • Agustín Isunza as Emilio Blanco, inspector de policía
  • Rafael Alcayde as El jefe
  • Carmelita González as Rosita
  • José Elías Moreno as Gargantúa / El Pimpón
  • Ángel T. Sala
  • Estanislao Schillinsky
  • Rafael Icardo
  • Roberto Corell
  • Rodolfo Acosta as Gang member
  • Stephen Berne as Esbirro pelón del jefe (uncredited)
  • María Luisa Cortés as Invitada a fiesta (uncredited)
  • Pedro Elviro as Esbirro chaparro del jefe (uncredited)
  • Edmundo Espino as Empleador (uncredited)
  • Georgina González as Sirvienta (uncredited)
  • Gloria Lozano as Invitada a fiesta (uncredited)
  • Chel López as Esbirro del jefe (uncredited)
  • José Muñoz as Detective de policía (uncredited)
  • José Ortega as Invitado a fiesta (uncredited)
  • José Ortiz de Zárate as Don Prospero, gerente banco (uncredited)
  • Roberto Y. Palacios as Cliente en tienda (uncredited)
  • Humberto Rodríguez as Cliente en tienda (uncredited)
  • Félix Samper as Representante del banco (uncredited)
  • Manuel Trejo Morales as Esbirro del jefe (uncredited)


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