ISO 965

ISO 965 (ISO general purpose metric screw thread—tolerances) is an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard for metric screw thread tolerances.[1] It specifies the basic profile for ISO general purpose metric screw threads (M) conforming to ISO 261.[2]

The tolerance system refers to the basic profile in accordance with ISO 68-1. The Field of application and purpose of ISO 965 can be defined as "ISO 965 specifies a tolerance system for screw threads from 1mm diameter upwards.[3]

Thread tolerances

Limits for Metric (standard) Coarse Threads According To ISO 965.[4]

Thread sizeEngagement
in mmfromtomax.min.max.min.
M1 0,61,71,0000,9330,8380,785
M1.1 0,61,71,1001,0330,9380,885
M1.2 0,61,71,2001,1331,0380,985
M1.4 0,721,4001,3251,2051,149
M1.6 0,82,61,5811,4961,3541,291
M1.8 0,82,61,7811,6961,5541,491
M2 131,9811,8861,7211,654
M2.2 1,33,82,1802,0801,8881,817
M2.5 1,33,82,4802,3802,1182,117
M3 1,54,52,9802,8742,6552,580
M3.5 1,753,4793,3543,0893,004
M4 263,9783,8383,5233,433
M5 2,57,54,9764,8264,4564,361
M6 3125,9745,7945,3245,212
M7 336,9746,7946,3246,212
M8 4127,9727,7607,1607,042
M10 5159,9689,7328,9948,862
M12 61811,96611,70110,82910,679
M14 82413,96213,68212,66312,503
M16 82415,96215,68214,66314,503
M18 103017,95817,62316,33416,164
M20 103019,95819,62318,33418,164
M22 103021,95821,62320,33420,164
M24 123623,95223,57722,00321,803
M27 123626,95226,57725,00324,803
M30 154529,94729,52227,67427,462
M33 154532,94732,52230,67430,462
M36 185335,94035,46533,34233,118
M39 185338,94038,46536,34236,118
  • Limits For Metric Fine Threads According To ISO 965
Thread SizeEngagement
Major diameterPitch diameter
in mmfromtomax.min.max.min.
M8x1 397,9747,7947,3247,212
M10x1.25 4129,9729,7609,1609,042
M12x1.25 4,51311,97211,76011,16011,028
M14x1.5 5,61613,96813,73212,99412,854
M16x1.5 5,61615,96815,73214,99414,854
M18x1.5 5,61617,96817,73216,99416,854
M20x1.5 5,61619,96819,73218,99418,854
M22x1.5 5,61621,96821,73220,99420,854
M24x2 8,52523,96223,68222,66322,493
M27x2 8,52526,96226,68225,66325,493
M30x2 8,52529,96229,68228,66328,493
M33x2 8,52532,96232,68231,66331,493
M36x3 123635,95235,57734,00333,803
M39x3 123638,95238,57737,00336,803


The standard consists of the following parts:

  • ISO 965-1 Principles and basic data
  • ISO 965-2 Limits of sizes for general purpose external and internal screw threads – Medium quality
  • ISO 965-3 Deviations for constructional screw threads
  • ISO 965-4 Limits of sizes for hot-dip galvanized external screw threads to mate with internal screw threads tapped with tolerance position H or G after galvanizing
  • ISO 965-5 Limits of sizes for internal screw threads to mate with hot-dip galvanized external screw threads with maximum size of tolerance position h before galvanizing


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