ISO 10007

ISO 10007 is the ISO standard that gives guidance on the use of configuration management within an organization.[1] "It is applicable to the support of products from concept to disposal."[2] The standard was originally published in 1995, and was updated in 2003 and 2017. Its guidance is specifically recommended for meeting "the product identification and traceability requirements" introduced in ISO 9001:2015[3] and AS9100 Rev D.[1]

The standard first outlines the responsibilities and authorities before describing the configuration management process that includes the five disciplines of configuration management; configuration management planning, configuration identification, change control, configuration status accounting and configuration audit.[2] The standard also recommends "structure and content of a configuration management plan".[3]

Since ISO 10007:2017 is a guidance document, it is not intended to be used for certification/registration purposes.


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