ISO/TR 11941

ISO/TR 11941:1996 is a Korean romanization system used in ISO. It is not commonly used. One example of its use is in Unicode character names. The standard was withdrawn in December 2013.

It is very similar to Yale Romanization.

Transcription rules


k/gkk/ggks/gskh/k lk/lg
t/dtt/ddth/t lth/lt
p/bpp/bbps/bsph/p lp/lblph/lp
sss ls
m lm
–, nghlhnh


aae yayae wawae
eoe yeoye weowe
ooe yo
u yu
i yi wi


This system is used in Unicode character names. For example, the character ᄎ (U+110E) is named "HANGUL CHOSEONG CHIEUCH" (한글 초성 치읓); ㅊ is romanized as "ch." However, the character 차 (U+CC28) is named "HANGUL SYLLABLE CA"; ㅊ is romanized as "c."

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