IEC 61970

The IEC 61970 series of standards deals with the application program interfaces for energy management systems (EMS). The series provides a set of guidelines and standards to facilitate:

  • The integration of applications developed by different suppliers in the control center environment;
  • The exchange of information to systems external to the control center environment, including transmission, distribution and generation systems external to the control center that need to exchange real-time data with the control center;
  • The provision of suitable interfaces for data exchange across legacy and new systems.

Set of standards

The complete set of standards includes the following parts:

  • Part 1: Guidelines and general requirements
  • Part 2: Glossary
  • Part 3XX: Common Information Model (CIM)
  • Part 4XX: Component Interface Specification (CIS)
  • Part 5XX: CIS Technology Mappings

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