IEC 61851

IEC 61851 is an international standard for electric vehicle conductive charging systems, parts of which are currently still under development. IEC 61851 is one of the International Electrotechnical Commission's group of standards for electric road vehicles and electric industrial trucks, and is the responsibility of IEC Technical Committee 69 (TC69)[1].

Standard documents

IEC 61851 consists of the following parts, detailed in separate IEC 61851 standard documents:

  • IEC 61851-1: General requirements[2]
  • IEC 61851-21-1: Electric vehicle on-board charger EMC requirements for conductive connection to AC/DC supply[3]
  • IEC 61851-21-2: Electric vehicle requirements for conductive connection to an AC/DC supply - EMC requirements for off board electric vehicle charging systems
  • IEC 61851-23: DC electric vehicle charging station[4]
  • IEC 61851-24: Digital communication between a DC EV charging station and an electric vehicle for control of DC charging[5]


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